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Poetry Lesson - "egg horror poem"


Amy E. Counts

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Poetry Lesson - "egg horror poem"

Outcome: Students will analyze "egg horror poem" by analyzing stylistic elements and then create an imitation piece. 1) Warm-up 2) egg horror poem - tone
point of view
author's purpose
imagery Select one of the following terms and write about its use in "egg horror poem." Find your evidence and then listen for class instruction first. By yourself or with a partner, select a common household item and write a poem that stylistically mimics this piece.

Consider the literary terms discussed. 3) Stylistic Imitation Respond to title -
Number stanzas -
Divide poem up into four sections and write sentence summaries. FIRST What do we know so far? 4) Performances - Guess what the items are . . . 5) Begin Drafting Black History Month Essay Contest Create a circle map and begin brainstorming ideas. small
afraid of heights
in the cold, dark carton
to the rest of the dozen Write the following down.
Squiggle line under modifiers
() around prepositional phrases Take a powerful word and pair it with words you wouldn't normally.
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