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No description

alex tremblay

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of cocain

Cocaine crack is a short
word for cocaine Crack can be snorted
or dissolved in water,
enjected and smoked. When snorting,
you inhale it, then
it is absorbed through
the bloodstream. Smoking involves inhaling Cocaine vapor or smoke into the lungs where absorbtion is as rapid as injecting. crack or cocaine Injecting cocaine
can bring out severe
allergic reactions
and increases the
risk of contracting
HIV/Aids Cocaine it increases
the body temperature,
blood pressure, strokes,
sudden death, seizures,
and parinoia and much more crack has the appearance
of white powder Geting out of cocian is hard
because it causes the brian to
feel good so if you were having
a bad day some people would
take it to make then feel better
most people dont want to stop
because they feel so good
so they dont under stand that it
kills your brian cells and become
stupide. cociane is so bad when you first
use it you get that good feeling
then you get that craving for more
then you get bad behavour and dont
care for any one then you could get
paranoia how to get off There are many diffrent ways to get off cocaine. the first thing you should
do is tell some one even your mom or dad. Of corse there going to be angree
but there going to help you get though it. And if you know any one that does
help them ask why they did it in the first place. If we help each other in
tough times some time you mite get through it. There is medication to go to
a doctor had he mite get you some thing to get you un hooked. And there is allways
rehabe. Rehabe is all ways a great way to get un hooked. The cost of cocaine These days cocaine that cocain is elligal
the black macket is very picky with there costs.
So cocaine is one of the most expensive drug out there so if your stupide and your already hooked on
a drug you dont want to get hooked on this one.
You could go bankedruped if your not that welthy and
you could loose your home to! The prices of cocain can become beetween 97$-20$ pergram in the United States. For a kilogram its alot its about 28,500$ in the United States.
depresion The one main resonn people do drugs
is because people think or have a bad
life. Depression is a terrible chemical
or feeling that comes over your brain.
The feeling makes you feel dead and lonely
and dont care for any one exept your family.
If you do take drugs wile your depressed you
feel that good feeling that you havent felt in a
long wille. So when your depresed still dont do it
you can over come it by talking to some one
and hanging with your freinds that you havent
talked to in a wille. If you talk to some one
a teacher your principal your freids your mom and dad.
Im sure that youle feel that some one is there for you.
Thank you for your time
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