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beginning teachers - March 1


Rachel Cooke

on 1 March 2010

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Transcript of beginning teachers - March 1

Welcome to Beginning English
Teachers' Professional Learning
Monday, March 1, 2010
Instructional Leaders: Rachel Cooke
Carol Ricker-Wilson Learning Goal

explore listening strategies
and the skills they develop Learning goal

explore writing
strategies Learning Goal

explore assessment
and evaluation tools Building Background Knowledge
Utilizing Visual Information a beginning of class activity Variation
3 details you notice in the picture
2 ideas based on the picture
1 question you have about the picture We need to develop background knowledge
and vocabulary for student success How many words does a student
need to aquire in order to move 1 reading level? 3000-5000 words What are we doing to grow the vocabulary of our students? What opportunites are we creating in our classrooms? Listening to Understand
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Using Active Listening Strategies
1.3 Using Listening Comprehension Strategies
1.4 Demonstrating Understanding of Content
1.5 Interpreting Texts
1.6 Extending Understanding of Texts
1.7 Analysing Texts
1.8 Critical Literacy
1.9 Understanding Presentation Strategies Teacher Self-Assessment Form Purpose for Listening
select a listening card to direct
your listening of The Wreck of the
Edmund Fitzgerald Gitche Gumee is
Lake Superior Differentiated Listening Types of Listening join your birthday buddies and label the
types of listening Mild team Competition discriminative
appreciative Brain Dump
adapted from Rick wormeli
summarization in any subject Find someone in the room
not at your table, wearing similar colour
Partner A talk non-stop for 1 minute in a continuous
flow of ideas about what was just presented.
Partner B listen politety and say nothing.
After a minute, partner B will talk non-stop for
a minute without mentioning anything that partner
A has said. Partner B should share her/his own
perspective on the information. metacognitive prompt How did reflecting on content at this point in the session affect your understanding? skills involved
synthesizing ides
expressing coherently
thinking metacognitively
680NEws.com Gordon Lightfoot called 680News
to confirm that he's in fact alive focus listening using questions student listening interview Assessment as, for, of
opportunites What types of listening have we
focused on today in our activites? Strategic Listening - Edmund Fitzgerald
Precise listening - brain dump
critical listening - 680news It's break Time!
Enjoy! We are discovering Prezi We are discovering Prezi We are discovering Prezi
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