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on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Shakespeare Solved
Highlights of Shakespeare's Life
shalt- shall Ex. -Thou shalt be king.
Jacob - where did he live in London and what was his occupation
1. William was a poet.
2. William was a playwright.
3. William was an author.
4. He lived north of the London Bridge.
5. He also lived northwest of the London Bridge.
Scotland is a land full of stories, mysteries, and beauty.
The Loch Ness Monster legend 1st came in Scotland.
There are many animals in Scotland like sheep and goats.
Bagpipes and kilts are usualy worn and played there.
A play from Shakespeare called Macbeth took place in Scotland.

Keshav - William Shakespeare's famous quotes
1. To be or not to be. 2. I'll go no more: I'm afraid to think what I have done. Look on it again, I dare not. 3. So foul and fair a day I have not seen 4. Art thou Romeo. 5. If music be the food of love, play on.
Mason - Globe theatre facts:
1. the globe theatre was built in 1599 and made by Richard Burbage.
2.The globe theatre was made as a large,round,open air theatre.
3.The globe theatre could hold 3000 people.
4.At the bottom of the stage there was an area called the pit.
5.In 1613 it burn't down and was remade in 1614.
Flora - Other kinds of writings done by Shakespeare

1.Poems(example:"Macbeth") 2.Plays(example:Twelfth Night) 3.comedies 4. sonnets 5.romance stories."
Types of Plays Shakespeare Wrote
William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays that are categorized into 3 groups: comedies, tragedies, and histories. Some examples are
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet,
The Tempest
Elizabeth I was the queen of England 1534-1603.After ElizabethI James I took over the throne.Egbert was the king of England 827-839.Edward (The Elder) was king of England 899-924.Eadred was the king of England 946-955. Kings and Queens of England.
1. Queen Elizabeth I ruled at the time, 2. London was the center of culture & commerce, 3. Most schools were to teach people how to weave & merchant schools, 4. Houses weren't as symmetrical & used different shapes, 5. older noble family were catholic, but some newer ones were protestant.
1.In the 1500's farm animals had many uses,cattle were milked and used to pull pillows, sheep provided wool,meat, and milk.
2.farmers grew various cereals, which were used to make breads.
3For farming they used pitch forks, crooks, sickles, and their bare hands.
4In Shaekespear's day kids had to find their own fun.
5.They inflated pig's blatters like footballs and practiced archery.
1.He was the son of John and Mary Shakespeare.2.At 18, he married Anne Hathway.3.He died in his house in Stratford when he was nearly 52 years old.4.He died on April 23, in 1616.5.His plays are still plyed all around the world.
thou- you Ex.- Thou shalt be king.
whence-where Ex.- Whence is that knocking?
hast-have Ex.-... try all thy friend though hast.
art-are Ex.- O, Bottom, thou art changed!
hath- has- Ex.- His majesty hath appointed this...
hence- From here Ex.-Help me hence!
Shakespeare's early life before he
was married
William Shakespeare was born on Stratford-upon-Avon in England.In the summer he was born a plague killed 200 people. He was the eldestof six children.His father. John Shakespeare, was a glove maker. His brothers and sisters names were Gilbert,
Joan, Richard, and Emund.
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