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Beginning of the School Year

No description

Hannah Reeder

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Beginning of the School Year

Beginning of the School Year
Good Teacher...Good Student
Classroom Tour
Refer to as OUR classroom

Students begin to take ownership of classroom

Be excited about the learning environment you have created

Off-limits places

First Day Jitters
Julie Danneberg
Thank you, Mr. Falker
Patricia Polacco
Math Curse
Jon Scieszka + Lane Smith
The first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Make it count!
First Day of School
"Act like you've done this a million times. Don't be nervous; just lay out how you want your class to run for the rest of the year."

How I'm Getting Home
Make sure you have a plan for each student. Consider creating a class graph of the data.

After School
School Supplies
Where will students put all of their supplies?

Are some supplies designed for whole-class use?

Will they keep supplies at their desks?

Is there a designated space for supplies?

Do supplies need to be tagged and identified with students' names?

"Get to Know You" Activities
Find Someone Who...

Student Inventories (p. 127, 133)

Timelines of their lives

2 Truths, 1 Lie


Stand Up, Sit Down!

***See pages 124-126 for additional ideas
Calm your students fears...
Always greet your students as they enter the classroom. This should happen EVERY day, but especially the FIRST day of school.

Smile and make both students and parents feel welcome in your classroom.
Other things to think about...
Back to School Letter

Email list serve for parent communication

Forms that must be signed and returned to school
Megan Kelly, first-year teacher (p. 109)
Activities for First-Day of School
Read Alouds
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