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Flowers for Algernon

school project

Tabetha Marsh

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon

by: Daniel Keyes Flowers for Algernon Exposition Characters and What They Want Charlie Gordon: he is 37 years old and attends a school for slow adults. He wants to be smart. This story takes place at Beekman College Center in New York. In the months of March through July and the year of 1965. Setting Charlie is mentally disabled. He cannot read or write as well as everyone else even though he tries. Conflict Rising Action/Complications Charlie starts forgetting. He forgets what he read about in books he read not that long ago. He forgot where he lived. He sometimes doesn't know who or where he is. He has forgotten how to speak other languages. His mind is deteriorating rapidly. Climax Charlie put flowers on Algernon's grave. Falling Action Charlie gets his job back as a janitor at the factory. Some one starts to pick on him and Joe Carp and Frank Reilly stand up for him. That's when he realizes that they really are his friends. He accidentally went to Miss Kinnian's class and she ran out crying. That upsetted him to the point of him wanting to leave New York and start over. Resolution/Denouement Prezi Presentation for Language Arts By: Tabetha Marsh Algernon: a white little mouse that had the first successful operation that Charlie also had. Algernon is able to solve complex problems and mazes to receive his food. Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur: Lead scientists who performed Charlie's operation. Dr. Nemur is a sourpuss. Miss Kinnian:she is Charlie’s friend and teacher. She recommended Charlie for the experimental surgery. As charlie matures and becomes smarter, his feelings for her develop into more than just friends. Charlie goes to Dr. Nemur and takes a Raw Shok test, which is an inkblot test. When Dr. Nemur asks Charlie what he sees on the card with the ink on it, Charlie just says ink. He thinks he failed this test. Quote "They said how come you went to the adult nite scool all by yourself Charlie. How did you find it. I said I askd pepul and sunibody told me where I shud go to lern to read and spell good. They said why did you want to. I told them becaus all my life I wantid to be smart and not dumb. But its very hard to be smart. They said you know it will probly be tempirery. I said yes. Miss Kinnian told me. I dont care if it herts." Charlie Gordon Charlie also took the THEMATIC APPERCEPTION TEST. He was given pictures and asked to make up stories of the people in the pictures. He didn't understand. Then he went to a room where he met Algernon. Algernon was in amazed and he had the same one on a piece of paper. He had to try and get to the finish before the mouse but he wasn't fast enough. They decide to use Charlie for the operation. They argue about it and Charlie overhears. He finds out he is the first human to be expiremented on. Before the operation Charlie is scared and hungry. Charlie goes back to work at the factory. While he's there his co-workers make fun of him without him realizing it, because he is slow. He doesn't understand that they are picking on him. Charlie goes with his friends from the factory to a saloon and had drinks. They made fun of him again and Charlie still didn't understand. Then they left Charlie all alone and a cop brought him home. He finally beat Algernon! Miss Kinnian teaches him how to spell and use punctuation. He stopped racing with Algernon and started playing with him. He went to another party with the guys from work and finally realized they were making fun of him. He took another Rorshach Test and actually imagined pictures in the inkblots this time. People don't talk to Charlie like they used to and they seem to be frightened of him. He fell in love with Miss Kinnian. All the factory workers signed a petition to get Charlie fired except for one. His new intelligence has driven a wedge between him and all his friends he once knew and loved. He is finding it hard to communicate with anyone anymore and he is all alone. Charlie is at a diner when a young man drops a plate and it shatters. Everybody laughs at him including Charlie, until he realizes that he is mentally retarted, just like he used to be. He feels ashamed and creates a scene yelling at everyone else in the room to stop laughing at the young man. Algernon starts acting strange. He refuses to run the maze anymore and he bit Charlie. Dr. Strauss asked Charlie not to come to the lab anymore. Charlie wants to further Dr. Nemur's and Dr. Strauss's research to help other people out there like him. Algernon died and Charlie buried him in the back yard. Quote "Why can’t I remember? I’ve got to fight. I lie in bed for days and I don’t know who or where I am. Then it all comes back to me in a flash. Fugues of amnesia. Symptoms of senility—second childhood. I can watch them coming on. It’s so cruelly logical. I learned so much and so fast. Now my mind is deteriorating rapidly. I won’t let it happen. I’ll fight it. I can’t help thinking of the boy in the restaurant, the blank expression, the silly smile, the people laughing at him. No—please—not that again." Charles Gordon Mrs. Flynn called in a doctor to see Charlie but he chased him out because he was making fun of him by talking to him like he was a baby. Charlie started running out of money and his landlady told him he had to get a job. Miss Kinnian came by and paid his rent. Quote "P.P.S. Please if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave in the bakyard ..." Charlie Gordon What does this look like to you? Workers at the Factory: Fanny Girden- she didn't sign the petition to fire Charlie. She didn't agree with his operation. Joe Carp and Frank Reilly- they made fun of Charlie before the operation and they did sign the petition.
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