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Chuck Close

A presentation on Chuck Close, a contemporary artist who paints portraits.

Jessica Stuver

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of Chuck Close

Chuck Close
Chuck Close, Phil, 1969
Chuck close, Frank, 1969
Chuck Close, John, 1971
In 1988, Chuck Close suffered a spinal artery collapse that left him paralyzed.
Prosopagnosia, also known as "face blindness" is a disorder that impairs the ability to recognize faces.

Close's portraits are mostly of friends and family; painting helps him remember their faces.
Chuck Close, self-portrait, 2000
After physical therapy, he was able to gain some use of his arms, though he cannot use his fingers. He now paints with a brush strapped to his hand.

A special wheelchair raises him up and allows him to reach every part of his tall canvases.

Assistants helps measures out the grids for his paintings, but Chuck Close makes every painted mark himself.
Chuck Close, Inka, 2003
Chuck Close, Georgia, 1985
contemporary portrait artist
Early Career
- early works are large-scale, highly realistic portraits completed in a technique known as Photorealism or Hyperrealism
Essential Questions
What about Chuck Close's work stands out to you?

What do you have to learn from Chuck Close and his artwork?
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