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Water issues in Southwest Asia

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Andrew Montgomery

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Water issues in Southwest Asia

Water issues in Southwest Asia
Conflict over water
Since there are a lot of people living in Southwest Asia and there is a shortage of water, conflicts have now risen between countries.
Water Pollution
A reason that there is a water shortage is because of water pollution. An example of water pollution is; when people use chemical fertilizers when farming the bad chemicals run into water sources polluting the water.
The Jordan River
The Jordan River is currently being shared by the countries Israel, Jordan, and Syria. It may seem nice that these countries are sharing this river but tension has risen and now there is a conflict going on between these countries. A conflict has risen between these countries because a country might take too much water leaving not enough water for the two other countries to share.
Southwest Asia has a shortage of water. This has led to conflicts between countries. Water pollution and irrigation are two reasons for this water shortage. There are some solutions but the problem is some of them are expensive so some counties can not use those solutions.
Thank you!
Overuse of rivers and streams
Increased demand for irrigation to expand farming has led to the overuse of rivers and streams.
Getting enough water
Since there is a water shortage in Southwest Asia some families have to buy water tanks just to make sure that they have enough water. The problem with water tanks is they are expensive so some families can not afford a water tank in their home.
Solution to water problem
A solution to the water problem in Southwest Asia is desalination. Desalination is the process where salt is removed from water making it drinkable.

Problem: The only problem with the process of desalination is it is expensive. Since desalination is expensive some countries can not use desalination.
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