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The Wednesday Wars Characters

No description

Daniel Marshall

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of The Wednesday Wars Characters


Meryl Lee Kowalski
Meryl Lee is a girl in Holling's class. She is a nice girl with auburn hair and fair skin. Meryl Lee has very good grades, and she seems like a very good child. Meryl Lee is in a complicated relationship with the Book's protagonist, Holling Hoodhood. She has had a long crush on Holling, and closer to the end of the book he becomes closer to her, and we are left with Meryl Lee and Holling in a relationship.
Mai Thi
Mr. Hoodhood
Heather Hoodhood
Heather is Holling's older sister. She is 16 years old and has brown hair. She has strict political views and has her mind set on going to college. Near the end of the story, Heather develops a stronger realationship with her brother, Holling.
Danny Hupfer
Danny Hupfer is Holling's best friend. Holling and Danny Stick together the majority of the book and always have each others backs. For example, when Mickey Mantle doesn't sign the ball for Holling... Danny throws his on the ground and takes Holling's side.
The Wednesday Wars Characters
Holling Hoodhood
Holling Hoodhood is a seventh grade boy who is learning at Camillo Junior High school. He knows a little about the world. As he lives in a Jewish and Catholic home, Holling knows that he is different, but doesn't know yet about discrimination or other worldly topics. Holling is a caring young man, but at the beginning of the book, he understands only things that happen in his own life and doesn't think to look at the life of others . His family has more money and his father cares a lot about the family business. He calls his house the "Perfect House" because it is well looked after and gives the image his father wants.

When Holling begins to learn Shakespeare from his teacher, Mrs. Baker, Holling begins to learn more about tragedy and what happens in life.
Mai Thi is a girl who immigrated to the U.S.A. from Vietnam before the war. She is one of Holling's friends in the story and gets a lot of discrimination because of being from Vietnam. It was heartbreaking to see her be bullied by her classmates and even her teacher, Mrs. Bigio, who's husband died in the war. Mai Thi is quiet and very nice.
In this presentation we will focus on most of the characters in The Wednesday Wars.
Heather enjoys listening to "The Beatles", doing her hair, her makeup and all that stuff girly girls do. As mentioned int the other group... Heather was a flower child.
Mr. Hoodhood is the father of Heather and Holling Hoodhood. He is an architect and is very involved with his work and his company, Hoodhood and Associates. Mr. Hoodhood is what you could call a 'workaholic'. He wouldn't get his mind off of his company, even when it is the opening day of the Baseball season, and his son is going to the first Yankees game. He is cold hearted and is going through his midlife crisis, which is why he gets a beautiful '64 Mustang, which is his pride and joy.

Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Baker is Holling's school teacher.
Holling is convinced that Mrs. Baker
despises him. However, she really doesn't
dislike him at all. She proves this countless
times throughout the novel. Mrs. Baker
develops a stronger relationship during
their wednesday afternoons together. Holling
would run errands for her, do work and they
would even read shakespeare together.
They read a few of the theaters including
Romeo and Juliett, Hamlet and Tempest
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