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The Aenid: A Story of Ability.

No description

Devin Wells

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of The Aenid: A Story of Ability.

The Aeneid: A Story of Ability.
Troy Is Where We Begin Our Journey...
At first, Troy is wrecked by the Greeks, completely destroying the city and forcing the small amount of survivors to flee. Aeneas, being a survivor, bands with other survivors to attempt to go to Italy.
Juno Takes the Trojans
Juno, who knows that the Trojans will
become the Romans, who will destroy Carthage wishes to prevent the Trojans from committing an act of war unto the Carthaginians, sends the Trojans to Carthage in hopes they will reside there rather than find Rome.
Welcome to CARTHAGE!
The Trojans finally arrive in Carthage after sailing, and Aeneas is greeted by the Carthage queen Dido. However, the love is not natural but made by Venus, who forced Dido unwillingly to love her son, Aeneas.
Aeneas Leaves Carthage
Aeneas begins telling Dido their story so far, telling of the Trojan Horse and even of the death of Anchises. After, Aeneas is forced to leave Carthage after a god realizes that he probably will never leave Carthage and will therefore never fulfill his destiny of Rome.
Aeneas Arrives at Sicily... Again
After leaving Carthage, Aeneas and the Trojans arrive in Sicily, an island just off of Italy. They arrive in the same exact place where Aeneas' father Anchises is killed just a year before. Although the crew is close to their destination, some of Aeneas' men wish to stay in Sicily, so Aeneas leaves some of his men to reside in Sicily.
Aeneas makes it to Naples
After traveling for so long, Aeneas and the remaining crew make it to Cumae, in the Bay of Naples. However, they are far from their destination still...
Aeneas chats with a Prophet
Aeneas then went to the prophet of Cumae, and this prophet leads Aeneas into the underworld, where he meets a lot of dead and unborn people. He sees the unborn heroes of Rome, as well as his father and Dido. However, Dido rejects Aeneas...
Italians versus the Trojans... or new Italians?
The Italian leader, Turnus, thinks Aeneas is the one to marry his daughter, due to Aeneas matching a prophecy. However, Aeneas would-be mother-in-law does not agree with this and causes a war between the Italians and Trojans.
Aeneas and Turnus agree onto a truce.
After a lot of fighting, Aeneas and Turnus finally agree on a truce. However, that truce is broken, for some of Aeneas' friends are killed and the Italians go against the truce.
Aeneas and Turnus face each other
After even more fighting, Aeneas agrees to face Turnus one-on-one, face to face. Aeneas and Turnus fight each other, and Turnus looses badly. Aeneas, not being one for war, does not kill Turnus at first. However, after seeing Turnus has a god's stolen belt, he kills Turnus as revenge.
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