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Clara Barton

No description

Annie Lim

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Clara Barton

Fame in Georgia famous in Georgia for identifying over 13,000 missing soldiers in Andersonville prison camp

made sure the camp was turned into a national cemetery Early Life Clara Barton born on Christmas day
very shy and generous personality Prewar started teaching at age 15

worked as teacher for 12 years

earned best-disciplined class award

taught students who were unable to pay their tuition

resigned two years after due to illness Discrimination Civil War provided soldiers' necessities with money from her own pocket

volunteered as a Union nurse Post War delivered over 300 lectures about her experiences during the war from 1867 to 1868

fought for civil rights and women's rights
Founder of the American Red Cross 1. Power point consists of 15-20 slides.

2. Power point indicates early, middle, late life.

3. Power point makes use of color and words.

4. Power point is organized.

5. Power point shows effort International Red Cross met Dr. Louis Appia who introduced the International Red Cross (also known as the International Committee of Geneva) Father: Captain Stephen Barton (soldier, farmer, and government official)

Mother: Sally Stone Barton Attempt tried to persuade the United States to sign the treaty

U.S. refused Franco Prussian War aided wounded and poor people in France during and after the Franco Prussian War Died at age 90 from double pneumonia on April 12, 1912 in Glen Echo, Maryland American Red Cross served as president of the American Red Cross

Red Cross responds to natural disasters like floods, forest fires, and earthquakes

originally for aiding soldiers during war U.S. reconsidered in joining the International Red Cross after Barton's speeches and a flood in the Ohio River

U.S. finally entered as 32nd member on March 16, 1882 Forced to resign from the president seat because of pressure from other members

resigned at age 83 in 1904 male veterans refused to obey Barton's orders because she was a woman

countless people doubted Barton's capability of accomplishing high goals Reconsideration Final worked for the suffragist movement to gain women's right to vote in US

tried to improve conditions for poor women by providing them work in Strasbourg and Lyon, France Women
diagnosed with another illness due to hard work, lack of sleep, and exhaustion

traveled to Switzerland seeking to meet former patient and remedy for her illness Post War (Cont.) Resignation of Red Cross
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