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No description

Kyli Washington

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Aether

Aether's mother was named Nyx and his father was named Erebus. He also had a sister named Hemera. He had four/five children. Penthos, Pontus, Aergia, The Nephelai, and he was probably the father of Uranus.
How Did He Act /What Did He Do
Aether wasn't evil. People believed that Aether came out with his sister Hermera whenever their parents were not out.
Aether's strengths:
extremely powerful
essentially invincible
Aether's weaknesses:
I did not find any weaknesses of his in my research
How People Worshiped Him
Aether may have had shrines in Hella, but he had no temples, and it is unlikely that he had a cult.
What He Looked Like
No one really knows what he could have looked like.
Aether- God of Light and The Upper Air
Aether-God of Light and The Upper Air
Aether became the god of light and the upper air (the air that gods breath and live in) with his sister Hermera (Goddess of Day) to bring light and day time since Erebus (God of Darkness) and Nyx (God of Night) were his parents.
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