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In Marge´s Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp,

No description

Eugeniita Gómez

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of In Marge´s Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp,

Little Lulu..
Hello, I will talk about the early history of, Marges Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp Little Lulu´s book was written by John Stanley. This story is about the flag-raising practice and focuses on the character of Tubby.
In her spare time, while other children rest, Tubby who decides to take a stroll through the countryside.
Tubby sees a flag in the distance that is in the dock, then Tubby says that the next day, on July 4, he will raise the flag.
Tubby is very excited trying to put the flag in it´s place, but there is a strong wind blowing, so that the flag falls on to a boat. Tubby wants to rescue the flag, but has another drawback, because the spring wind prevents it.
Time passes and the boat slows down.
Tubby is very scared and angry, screaming for help.
Two Martians come from outer space in a spaceship, they help Tubby to get off the boat and help him hang the banner in place.
When Tubby lands on the ground, he is frightened fear. A camp leader helps him to come back to the place where the other childeren are.
Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp.
In Marge´s Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp, It is a novel-length dose of hilarity as Lulu, Tubby, and the rest scheme not to get stuck at summer camp again. But once there, everyone quickly realizes that no school and no parents means the mischief lasts all day! And in Marge´s Lulu ad Tubby Halloween Fun, expect a healthy number of tricks with your treats as Lulu and Tubby make trouble in between encounters with Ol´ With Hazel, haunted dollhouses, ad bashful ghosts!

The short story is that piesan Tub and friends do not need to go to summer camp, but parents say they need to go. Do not want to go to a summer camp, because either the left do what they want. They were against the decision of the parents, and decided to stay together.
Then Lulu and Annie will greet Tub and their friends, and they tell them not to go to the camp, then they do not want to go, to spend the summer with them.
But Tub and Lulu does not leave him alone. Tub ultimately going to summer camp with friends. And, Lulu and Annie go with them. Because when you think camping is to get rid of Lulu, but now will have to lidear with them
The story I'm about to describe is called “Little Lulu book”, which was written by Marge Buell, which shows Little Lulu, the protagonist and her friend living different situations at summer camp. In my situation Tubby, that thinks that the camp is just for kids, gets on the bus to go there but this is the wary bus. When he finds out he tries to get off the bus but he is not allowed. The only free seat is the one next to Little Lulu, but he doesn’t sit there because he‘s angry and tells Lulu he will do anything in order not to sit with her. Then he sits in the aisle of the bus, interrupting Glory conversation and Wilbur’s. They tell him to sit somewhere else. He gets angry and leaves. Without realizing he sits over Alvin and he bites him. Tubby leaves that place and stands in the aisle of the bus, but when the bus stop he falls, he gets up and takes a yo-yo out of his pocket, and his begins to sing, but the bus brakes and Tubby bumps into the bus-driver leaving his yo-yo caught on the driving wheel. After it has been removed, the driver of the bus accelerates and Tubby ends up at the bottom of the car because he loses his balance. He crashes into Eddie and accidentally steps on his foot and Eddie who is very angry tells him to sit somewhere else. Tubby has the idea of getting on the luggage track but one of his feet gets stuck. The bus-driver runs to help him. When he gets his foot released the driver tells him to sit with Lulu. She says: I thought you said you'd do anything before you sit with me. He tells her did his best but she laughs.
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