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No description

Cindy Nguyen

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Danisnotonfire


Dan's Childhood
Dan was born in South West England in Berkshire.
Grew up with an articulate voice due to watching massive amounts of Winnie The Pooh
Dan expressed interest in acting at a young age.
Middle School was basically Dan’s worst nightmare.
By high school, Dan had acquired a group of good friends, some favorite teachers, and had starred in a couple plays.
Dan has a Radio Show on BBC 1 Radio
He runs it with his best friend/flatmate Phil Lester.
The show is called, "The Dan and Phil"
The show airs live, every Sunday 12pm PST.

Phillip Michael Lester
Phil is Dan's flatmate/ best friend
Phil was born in Northern England. Which gave him a heavier less posh accent.
Phil is also a YouTuber and a Radio DJ.
Has 1.6 million subscribers
Also an internet hobo, but not as much as Dan.
Who is Dan Howell?
Dan is my inspiration because, he believes in doing what makes you happy.
Dan said, “Life’s too short to waste anytime being unhappy.
Dan dropped out of college, because it didn't make him happy.
Dan thinks that your happiness should come before the happiness of others.
Dan is a failure at times, but he learns from his mistakes and understands the pains of being a teen.
Why Does Dan Inspire Me?
Radio Show

Internet Cult Leader (Danosaurs)
YouTuber/Radio Show DJ
College Dropout
Full Time Internet Hobo
Dan's YouTube Channel is:
He creates videos about his failures in life, so we don't make the same mistakes.
Dan creates videos that we can all relate to.
He makes content that has ironic and psychotic humor.
Dan's YouTube Channel
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