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Global perspectives: Education for all

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Melody Choi

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Global perspectives: Education for all

Which education system is the best? Education for all What are the goals and aims for this topic? The main aim What are the systems in Finland? Education in Finland What are the systems in UK? Education in UK Comparing the good and the bad Comparison The main question What is the main question for this topic? For this individual project; Education for all. We will be looking at the theme Education globally, locally and personally.

For this project my main question is " Which education system is the best?" Aims what am I aiming for? In this project I will be aiming to answer the main question globally, locally and personally and sub questions. Also I will look at the education systems from other countries to make a comparison of Hong Kong 's education. Research Summary What am I researching? What I will be researching on is the education system from different countries and make a comparison and gathering global, local and personal perspectives. Countries for comparison Belarus


Hong Kong

United Kingdom Belarus Why do I choose Belarus I choose the country Belarus because I want to compare the education system of a east european country. Also its history involves with the Soviet Union( including Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries), Which suggest that the country system might be similar. Finland Why do I choose Finland? It was said that Finland has the best education in the world. I want to see and research the reasons and the methods that the Finnish schools uses. Also since Finland is linked with the other Nordic countries since in the Kalmar Union. I assume that their education are quite similar. Hong Kong Why do I choose Hong Kong? Hong Kong has been part of the British colony until
1997. During that time, Hong Kong's education system
was following the system of The Great Britain but since Hong Kong has return to China in 1997, there might a
change in the education format and system, either they
change the education completely or keeping the same
system. I am not surprise if the system is similar to The Great Britain. The United Kingdom Why did I choose UK? United Kingdom's education is very well-know around the world than any other countries. This can also indicate the difference in education with the dependent countries . Since this system is so influence, does it affect other country's system and what are the benefits that it has that it becomes world wide. I assume it's because the historical events that happened between with UK and other countries. Global, Local & Personal How am I going to collect the perspectives? For the Global perspective, I am suggesting of search the comments that the alumnae or other people say about particular education systems. I can also ask a few people around the world by blog, email or chat box.etc.
For the Local perspectives, instead of doing a survey, I will do an interview of people who has studied in Hong Kong for example friends, family members, neighbors.etc.
For the personal perspectives, I will be writing down the thoughts about the particular education systems and also think about the possible reason I thought this way. Education Structure What are their education system like? Finland What about Finland? As one of the Nordic Country,
Finland is located east of the
northern Europe with the surface
area of 338,424 km2 with the
population of 5,421,827 people. The capital of Finland is Helsinki which is also the largest city in Finland.
The official language in Finland is either Finnish or Swedish but majority of Finns speak Finish, Finland declare independence from soviet Russian in 6th of December 1917. Finish education system is an egalitarian system; no tuition fee is needed and providing free meals and health care service for the students.
Children start kindergarten in the age of six and start Primary at the age of seven; which they will receive compulsory education for nine years. By the age of 16 they will star secondary school which is voluntary.
At school, the students are require to learn two language Finnish and Swedish.
Students then moves on to secondary which is not compulsory. They study fro three or four years. Students are allow to choose to undergo occupational training to polytechnic institute or they can choose academic upper secondary; which focus on the preparation for the university studies. Sub Questions Why is Finland education so successful? In Finland the main reason of being successful is because the highly qualified teachers. Teachers must get a master degree and the requirements are quite high for example primary school teacher have to at least knows how to play one music instrument to get the job. Since teaching to is highly competitive only 10% of applicants are successful. Does this education system affect other nations? Finnish education has be successful for years and yet ranked at the top of the world. Now Some people from other countries think that they should change their education system and follow the Finnish system but it seems that some nations are ignore the success of the Finnish education. For example in America, they ignore the success of Finnish schools. DR Pasi Sahlberg, the director general of CIMO in Finland, for his point of view said the Americans are obsessed with questions like:How can you keep track of students' performance if you don't test them constantly? How can you improve teaching if you have no accountability for bad teachers or merit pay for good teachers? How do you foster competition and engage the private sector? How do you provide school choice? How did Finnish education became so great? Years ago, Finnish education was ranked at the bottom until in the 1980s when the Finnish education policy thinks that every child should have receive exactly the same opportunity to learn. As a start Finnish schools offer free meals, medical treatments, tuition fee .etc. as they viewed that schools should be healthy and safe environment for children. Then in 2001, Finnish students scored a high mark in the PISA Survey; which show a sign of producing academic excellence. Perspectives Global, Local and personal Global Perspective Local Perspectives Personal Perspectives Personal I think that Finland really did a good job on their education, what I like about the system is the attitude of the teachers; as Dr Paski Sahlberg has said, teachers in Finland are highly qualified and their attitude towards teaching are strong; they all wanted to give the best and lead them to success in live.
Comparing it to education in Hong kong, I definatly think that Finnish education is much better. Education in Hong Kong What are the systems in Hong Kong? Education in Belarus What are the systems in Belarus? The United Kingdom What about UK? The United Kingdom is located that the north-west of Europe. Countries include England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The total surface area is 243,610km2 with the total population of 62,262,000 people. the Largest and the capital city in London. The official language they speak is English. Education structure what are their education system like? Education in England In England, education is compulsory. Their Education system are divided into four parts; Nursery, Primary education, Secondary education and Tertiary education.
There are total six curriculum stage. The foundation stage are for pupils that are at the age of three or four, it's not compulsory. Then the student will start their primary education at the age of five; known as key stage 1 from year one to two. by the time the students are in year three they will start key stage two until they reach to year 7 which they will start their secondary education (key stage three) by the age of eleven. At the age of 14 the students will start their GCSE( General Certificate of Secondary Education) or key stage 4 and study for two years. In total the students will receive eleven years of compulsory education.
As for the sixth form; known as A-levels/IB/Cambridge Pre-U, it is not necessary compulsory for the student to attend this course. Education in Republic of Ireland In the republic of Ireland, all children must receive compulsory education between the age of six to 15. Unlike England, their education are divided into three levels; Primary, Secondary and Higher.
For Pre-school is not compulsory to attend. Students start Primary school at the age of 4 and start secondary school at the age of 12 and end their education at the age of 17. For Higher education are Collage and university studies Education in Scotland In Scotland, their education system in different compare to other countries in UK.
In Scotland, they start their primary education at the age of four and a half to five and a half depending on the child's birthday; they will put those who are born in different time in the year will be putted into groups.
Students will receive seven years of primary education and by the age of 10 to 11 they will start their secondary education and end at the age 17 which they will move on higher education (university studies).
In independent schools in Scotland. they may follow the English system towards GCSE, A or AS-Levels and IB. Education in Wales In Wales, compulsory education starts at the age of three. Parents can either choose to home school their child or send them to school. Comparing to the other countries in UK, Welsh education is similar to the English education. Children start primary at the age of three with is the early stage in primary then they will move on to keg stage one and two. By the time the students reach to age 11 they will start their secondary education completing keg stage three and four; they will also go through the GCSE course (either old O-levels or modern GCSE) and also A-levels. Comparing to the education in England, Wales has fallen back. Sub questions Among the four countries in UK, which is the best? Among the four countries it seems that the Republic of Ireland has ranked second on academic performance both in OECD and EU after Finland. Comparing to other nation, is the UK system improving or failing? Comparing with the other nation, the UK education system are falling back as students. Billions of pounds have been spent on facilities, teaching materials and staff payment and not improving the academic standards. Dr Starkey believe the reason why the academic achievement have fallen is because the students lack discipline. What is the different between GCSE and IGCSE? GCSE in first introduce in 1986 to replace O-levels. the course work became a new feature assessment. Some critiques criticizes the GCSE lack in challenge for the students. Then IGCSE is introduce in 1988 which is internationally recognize; which offered over 70 subjects and is taken in over 120 countries. IGCSE are most introduce to independent schools in UK. Perspectives Global, Local and personal Global perspective Local Perspectives Personal perspectives I think that the education system is in between the "best" and the "poor". Since I am familiar with the English system I personal think that the Scottish system is a bit complicated even if it's the most flexible system in UK. As for the Welsh education, I personal think that they should try and improve their education by learning the success of Finnish education or getting more highly qualifies teachers. Hong Kong What about Hong Kong? Hong Kong is a special administration region located at the south east of China. Hong Kong has been under the british rule since 1800 until 1997. The official language in Hong Kong is Cantonese with the total surface area of 1,104km2 and the total population of7,061,200 people. Education structure What are their education systems like? Hong Kong education system is similar to the UK system, some schools follow the UK system which is in the same format as the English system.
Locally, Schools in Hong Kong has a "demerit point system". They are very strict toward discipline.
By law children must attend school. Early childhood education is not necessarily compulsory. Like the English system students are require to take 11 years of compulsory education, the main core subject include English, Chinese and Mathematics. Onwards to secondary education when the students are in form 5 they will start their HKCEE (Hong Kong certificate of Education Examination) which is the same as GCSE in UK. The HKALE ( Hong Kong advance level Examination) is the university entrance examination which is the same as A-levels.
Internation schools in Hong Kong take English as the primary language as the local school that chinese at the primary language, they realy thake Hong Kong exams. Schools that follow the English system will have their GCSE, IGCSE and A-levels as fro schools that are following the US system theil will take AP and IB. Sub Questions What is the propose of the "demerit points system"? Hong Kong school are strict towards discipline and in order to keep the students in order they created this point system which course affect the student's report cards: Weither to decide he or she can graduate. This will motivate the students to be more obedient at school. What are the difference between Hong Kong's system and China's system? The main difference between the two system is that in China doesn't not follow the UK system, they had their own system and their main core subjects are Chinese, Mathematics, history, P.E, geography and nature studies they take English as a minor subject. Does Hong Kong's strict education system improve the student's learning? In fact some people said that Hong Kong schools gives loads of assignments and traditional homework are causing pressure to the students along with daily dictations. Students memorizing history texts or Chinese literature aren't really helping to gave an understanding to the students especially when it comes to test, most students would relay on repetition of work which some will memorizing the answer for their test. Perspectives Global, Local, personal Global perspectives Local perspectives Personal Perspectives I personally think that Hong Kong's education is too strict and gave lots of pressure to their students with daily loads of assignments and homework. I think that this education isn't the best for the students. Belarus What about Belarus? Belarus is located at the east of Europe between Russia and Poland. Belarus's official language are Belorussian and Russian with the population of 9,457,500 and the total surface area of 207,595 km2. The capital and largest city in Belarus is Minsk. The country declare Independence from the Soviet Union in the 27th of July
1990. Education structure what are their education system like? Like Finland, Belorussian education is free. Primary and secondary education in Belarus is compulsory from age six to age 15. After that the students will be given a certificate each they can either choose to enter the workforce, serve the military or continue to study higher education (university studies) or training schools. Sub Questions Are there any improvements in the academic results? Although Belarus's education ranking is not visible compare to other nation, but they are launching an "improving media education" which they are trying to improve the teaching content and teaching skills. What are the main subjects in Belarus? The main subjects in Belorussian schools are the languages Belorussian and Russian. Does Russian and Ukraine use the similar type of system? The education system of Russia and Ukarine are quite similar as students have to have 11 years of compulsory education and both start primary at the age of six and both ending the compulsory education at the age of 17. Unlike Belarus, if male student finish the compulsory education they can either join the army or continue to university studies. Perspectives Global, local, personal Global perspectives Local perspectives Personal Perspectives I personally think that the education system is much more a fixed system comparing to other systems for example after you finish your compulsory you can either join the military or continue on university studies. It's like you don't really have a choice.
As for the improving the teaching content and the teaching skill, they try to improve it by have field trips and I think it is really helpful since students can also learn by have some experience on that particular subject but i personally think that the more "advanced" field trips like a trip to the broadcasting studio should be meant for senior students who are studying language or who are interested in broadcasting. If Finnish education are ranked at the top, obviously it's the best. The teachers are highly qualified and very well train. Most students are achieving top marks and the total percent tile of students graduating is 99.7% in primary schools while 66.2% of students graduated inn secondary school.
The attitude and the quality towards teaching the students and giving them education comes the first that's why it has been successful in the past years.
Students with learning difficulties are not left behind as other are fellow students and teacher to help them will all their might. Though Finland's success has been very well known. Most Local people (Hong Kong people) think it's a likely false fact as they don't easily believing on what people say over unpopular magazines and on the internet data. However some just agreed on the methods that Finland used; are capable of improving a students learning. On of the most popular systems in the world, now are said to be "staying still". It seems that for a few years UK education has fallen down and it seems that student's can't achieve a higher score. If the system doesn't change or have any improvements then it will just "stay there" and watches other nation pass by. Most people (Hong Kong people) believe that the UK system is the best (a Stereotype thought in my opinion) they wouldn't consider better places like Finland because of the connection between these two places. Most people prefer the UK and the US so that's way most parents send their child to study in either the UK or the US. Hong Kong's education is seen as a strict and tradition school; students have to wear appropriate uniform, hairstyles, saying daily greetings to the principle every morning, also it was view as the system that make students go under pressure. It's system is not well known because it's just a administration area in China and can not possibly compete with other nations. People think traditional and think that their child ought to study in an local school to become a formal local citizen. Some suggest that going to an international school is the best for future paths. But because education is free in public schools some low income family will take this advantage to education their child. Education in Belarus is also not really well know but it was seen as at good place to go for university studies for students who are planing to study on economics, medicine and politics but not much students will go their because they have to learn at least a year on Russian or Belorussian in order to enter the higher education. To the Locals( HongKong locals) it's such a poor place in Europe ( but better than the PIGS) their education would be as good as others. Also most of their thoughts are on the communication problem because they think that no one can speak English there and they don't think that receive just nine years of compulsory education is enough. Finland Comparing UK Comparing to UK system, Finland seems to have the most effort on improving the academic grades of their students since DR Psaki Sahlberg said they are finding a way to go to the top since they are behind Shanghai. Comparing Hong Kong Comparing to Hong Kong's system, Finland has a more relaxing enviroment than in Hong Kong. As teacher give the students time to understand the topic while in Hong Kong they will just try to force to mermorise everything. Comparing to Belarus Comparing to Belarus system, it is more free while in Belarus it is much more fix and there is not much free for the students to choose their own path The United Kingdom Comparing to Finland Comparing to Finland's education, even though it's not the best it is much more international approach; which is widely accepted world wide. Comparing to Hong Kong Comparing to Hong Kong; Which is similar to the English system. Hong Kong's education mostly start one or two years later than in UK. Also it doesn't gives to much pressure to students on discipline. Comparing to Belarus Comparing to Belarus, it seems that the "barrier" is much more wider than in Belarus. Hong Kong Comparing Finland Comparing to Finland, it is more tight and stressful system but it will increase the students quality in their assignments for strict rules. Comparing UK Comparing to UK, even though is seems to be not good enough the discipline is strict enough to motivate students to doing thing seriously and behave well. Much of a tradition method Comparing Belarus Comparing to Belarus, they both also seems to be stressful system but on is fixed and the other is free which makes students studying in Hong Kong having a better chance to choose their career paths. Belarus Comparing to Finland Comparing Finland, we can see that Belarus is trying to follow the steps of Finland as to try to expand the student's learning range.

Comparing UK Comparing to UK. It seems to be much more a "closed" system because they don't have English as a subject but rather have Russian as a main core subject Comparing Hong Kong Comparing to Hong Kong, their system environment are similar but the choices that are made will benefit the society more. The Main Question Which Education system is the best? Back to the main question, "Which education system is the best?". The answer is obvious that Finland has be declare as the best in the world so far but in ten years time it might change.
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