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The Elements of Fiction (Characters)

No description

Laura Smylie

on 29 December 2012

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Transcript of The Elements of Fiction (Characters)

The Elements of Fiction What's a Character?? What's a static character? - Characters that are static remain without any changes in the story or movie. - Dynamic characters change to rather good- hearted or sinister. What's a dynamic character? Multidimensional which is like real life people. Ever heard of Round Character? These characters are very flat and simple which is adverse from the round character. What's a flat character?? Thank you for watching also listening.. Time for Movie! Characters are the individuals who participate in the action of a literary work. Like real people, Characters display certain qualities or character traits; they develop and change over time; and they usually have motivations, or reasons for their behaviors.
Direct and Indirect are the two methods of characterization Flat dudley dursely main character Minor Mom Ponyboy= dynamic Harry = Round
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