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The Hobbit Monomyth Cycle

No description

Jessica L

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of The Hobbit Monomyth Cycle

Start Birth Bilbo Baggins was a special hobbit. Unlike any other hobbit living in The Hill, he was part Took. The Took family was known for their desires to have adventures and their courageous personalities, which was very uncommon for a hobbit to have. The other part of this hobbit was the Baggins side. The Baggins side was just like any other hobbit family. They enjoyed calm and routinely lives. What makes Bilbo special is that Bilbo was part Took and Baggins. He spent most of his days doing expected things because he was a respectable and responsible hobbit but the Took side of him wanted to have adventures as explained in this quote: “although he looked and behaved exactly like a second edition of his solid and comfortable father, got something a bit queer in his make-up from the Took side, something that only waited for a chance to come out." (Tolkien, 13) Call to Adventure Bilbo Baggins’ call to adventure was when Gandalf, the great wizard, turned up at The Hill at Bilbo’s hole. Gandalf insisted that Bilbo was asking for something and Gandalf was here to answer his request by sending him on an adventure. Bilbo quickly replied “ Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you. Not today." (Tolkien, 17), turning down Gandalf’s offer and scurrying back inside his hobbit hole. Gandalf, in return, scratched a symbol on Bilbo’s door. The day after Bilbo turned down Gandalf’s offer to go an adventure, Dwalin, a dwarf, showed up at Bilbo’s house. Puzzled by the dwarf’s visit, Bilbo invited him in for some tea. Soon after that, more and more dwarves turned up at Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole. In the end, thirteen dwarves were cramped into Bilbo’s hobbit hole. Gandalf reappeared at Bilbo’s hobbit hole explaining that he put a mark on Bilbo’s door “for very good reasons. [Dwarves] asked me to find the fourteenth man for your expedition, and I chose Mr. Baggins." (Tolkien, 33) Helpers The main helper who provides aid during the adventure is Gandalf. Gandalf was an old and wise wizard who used his knowledge, experience and magic to help the dwarves and Bilbo during their adventure. The great wizard is known for telling “wonderful tales at parties, about dragons and goblins and giants and rescue the princess and luck of widow’s sons" (Tolkien, 16) because he has experienced all of it through out his life. Gandalf provides a great deal of help to the fourteen travelers. Gandalf explained “ I always meant to see all safe (if possible) over the mountains and now by good management and good luck I have done it. Indeed we are now a good deal further east than I ever meant to come with you, for after all this is not my adventure." (Tolkien, 114) Crossing the Threshold In Bilbo Baggins’ adventure, the crossing of the threshold takes place when Bilbo leaves the comfort and safety of his hobbit hole to follow these dwarves that had just showed up at his house the day before. Bilbo left behind his old world to follow strangers in a journey he knew little about. Bilbo just understood it would be an adventure so he took the chance and ran after the dwarves. “To the end of his days Bilbo could never remember how he found himself outside, without a hat, a walking-stick, or any money, or anything he usually took with him when he went out, leaving his second breakfast half-finished and quite unwashed-up, pushing his keys into Gandalf’s hands, and running as fast as his furry feet would carry him down the lane, past the great Mill, across The Water, and then on for a mile or more." (Tolkien, 45) Test and Trials: First Test Bilbo Baggins’ encountered multiple tests and trials throughout his adventure with the dwarves. His first test was when he tried to steal from a troll but was caught. Bilbo ended up getting the rests of the dwarves in trouble as well. Even though Gandalf had to come rescue them, Bilbo managed to take the key to the trolls’ house where they found weapons that they used for the rest of the journey. Tests And Trials: Second Test Bilbo’s next test was when he was left behind in the goblin tunnels. This is where Bilbo encountered Gollum. Bilbo uses quick thinking to create riddles to entertain Gollum as he uses his stolen ring to escape. He learned how to quickly make his own decisions and how to out smart others. Tests and Trials: Third Test Bilbo’s third test was in Mirkwood where he has to rescue the dwarves from the spiders. He managed to save all his companions and kill a few spiders. “I’ll soon put an end to that,’ Hissed the angry spider climing back onto the branch. Bilbo saw that the moment had come when he must do something." (Tolkien, 194) This quote explains how Bilbo knew his time had come to save his companions without the help of Gandalf. This test helped him gain the trust of the dwarves and prove to them that he was capable of holding his own ground. Amulet Bilbo Baggins received his amulet when he got lost in the goblin tunnels and found himself face to face with Gollum. He picked up “what felt like a tiny ring of cold metal lying on the floor of the tunnel. It was a turning point in his career but he did not know it. (Tolkien, 90)” but he soon found out about the magic after using to get away from Gollum. The ring gave him the powers to become invisible to everyone, which helped conceal him from his enemies throughout his adventure. Final Battle The fourteen travellers had the intentions of fighting Smaug, the dragon who was protecting his stolen treasure, but he had already gone and destroyed a village where one of the villagers killed him. Smaug death triggered a war that was fought because of greed. Bilbo and the dwarves fought with the lake-people, eagles and elves against the evil goblins and wargs. In the end, Bilbo and the dwarves secured the treasure. They got their treasure where “there was of course, no longer any question of dividing the hoard in such shares, as had been planned. (Tolkien, 350)” and Smaug was defeated. Flight After the hobbit and dwarves secured their treasure, it came time for Bilbo to say goodbye to his companions. “Farewell, Balin’ he said. ‘ and farewell, Dwalin; and farewell Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur! May your beards never grow thin’." (Tolkien, 351) Bilbo headed back towards The Hill with Gandalf by his side. Return Home The journey back to Bilbo’s home was very straightforward. Bilbo looked forward to returning to his humble hobbit hole where he could relax after all this adventuring. “...a day came at last when they were in sight of the land and of the trees were as well known to him and his hand and toes. Coming to a rise he could see his own Hill in the distance.” (Tolkien, 361)This quote represents Bilbo Baggins returning to his home. He was crossing back over the threshold, back into the comfort and familiarity of his home. Finish Elixir When Bilbo was returning to The Hill, Gandalf commented saying “ My dear Bilbo! Something in the matter with you! You are not the hobbit that you were.” (Tolkien, 361) Gandalf was trying to explain that Bilbo had changed from a structured and conservative hobbit to an adventurous and courageous hobbit. Bilbo might have brought back some treasure with him, but he also brought back a new outlook on his life and a sense of adventure. The Hobbit Monomyth Cycle By Jessica La
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