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Henry Guerrero

on 5 October 2012

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COMPANY BACKGROUND Started in 1975 as small ice cream parlor.

Founded by Tony Tan Caktiong, 2004 Ernst and Young World Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jollibee Foods Corporation ( JFC ) incorporated in 1978.

In 1978, Caktiong and his brothers and sisters engaged the services of a management consultant, Manuel C. Lumba. Production Planning CUSTOMER ORDER Warehouse
(Fridge) Labor Production Process Consumer/Customer FOOD CORPORATION. Prepared by: Izandro Salvador BSBA MM Mission/Vision MISSION OF JOLLIBEE

To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.

We are the best tasting QSR..
The most endearing brand…
that has ever been…
We will lead in product taste at all times…
We will provide FSC excellence in every encounter…
Happiness in every moment…
By year 2020, with over 4,000 stores worldwide, Jollibee is truly a GLOBAL BRAND. (And the Filipino will be admired worldwide)
Our work is guided by the JFC corporate values, namely, excellence,
honesty and integrity, frugality, teamwork, humility to listen and learn,
respect for the individual, spirit of family and fun, and customer-focus.
We partner with communities and find synergy with other institutions to ensure that our programs are strategic and sustainable.

Customer Focus
Respect for the Individual
Spirit of Family and Fun
Humility to Listen and Learn
Honesty and Integrity
Frugality Values Supply Network Planning Company Background OUTBOUND LOGISTICS WAREHOUSING MANUFACTURING PLANNING
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