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Middle school drawing class

Lindsey Foushee

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of SHADING

Shading Techniques
Seeing Shadows
Shapes Become Forms
Practice shading the forms on your worksheet.
Value Scale
Although it may not seem important, a value scale (sometimes called a "gray scale") can be a helpful tool. Knowing exactly how dark your tool (pencil, charcoal, pen, etc) can get, you can easily see if you have included all values in your work.
The key to realistic drawing is shading. You have to train your eye to look for light, medium, and dark values. Then start to compare within that range. For example, where is the darkEST shadow?

My favorite example is the Earth: one side is always in day, one side is always in night. You must have both light and shadow.
A shape is a 2D, flat space enclosed on all sides (*area). A form is a 3D enclosed space (*volume). Because your paper is flat, you have to create the ILLUSION of an object being 3D. Light and shadow help create this illusion.
Once you understand how light works, you can get more complex by using different types of marks to shade. Some are smooth and some have texture, depending on what your piece needs.
Use a different shading technique to complete each form. Don't forget the cast shadow!
Shade the value scale across the top
In the 4 boxes along the right side, completely fill each box with a different shading technique
When you finish, please raise your hand so I can check you off. Glue this page in your sketchbook & add to the table of contents.
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