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Jake Zeldin


Cupcake99 Love

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Jake Zeldin

Jake Zeldin His Actions That Will Help Others Discovering Himself It all started 3 years ago when Jake Zeldin had decided for sure he wanted to become a rapper.
One thing you may not know is that he suffers a severe stutter, he was born with this disability.
He struggles to talk all the time, his parents have tried therapy but it didn't help.
Rapping was a discovery he made to freedom, a place where problems didn't exist anymore! He was so sure and confident that his future was in the music world!!! My Opinion I think Jake has made a huge impact on the world because I'm sure that he has become a role model for others who are or who has been bullied.
He has shown others that you can stay strong and stand tall to bullies, he has shown that you can make and be the change for yourself and others!!!
Here's a quote from Jake: "I wanna get my story out there and get the messages out that we can do it. We can do anything we want and we can't let one small thing, like a disability get in between our dreams!"

Lil JaXe Defeats Bullying Since he suffers from a severe stutter it has made him a target to bullies.
Everyone from classmates to teachers have bullied him.
His self-esteem is outstanding, he truly believes in himself to do the best in everything he does.
He has found himself and his voice so he won't let bullies get away with what they are doing.
In an interview Jake shared that "It's hard to live life to the fullest when you're hit by haters bullets."
Well now he has made a change to his life where he's living life to the fullest and dodging those bullets! His Success Through out the years of practice in rapping he's developed many skills.
His posted videos on YouTube have had at least half-million views!
The miracle is that when he raps......his stutter totally disappears!
In an interview Lil JaXe shared: " I attended We Day on Sept.28 2012, it was the most awesome moment that I have ever experienced in my whole life. By the end of the day I was thinking about how different my life was a year ago, how it was so hard to get through a day because of the way people teased me. To know that I persevered through all the pain and got to where I am today."
Pictures of Jake in the year 2012 This is a song that Lil JaXe made himself ft. Karl Wolf.
ENJOY!!! Lil JaXe's cover for Rack City!!!
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