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Main Line vs. Kim Basinger

No description

Serpil E

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Main Line vs. Kim Basinger

Main Line Pictures, Inc. vs. Kim Basinger
Dance in Narrative Film

Yes, all parties have capacity
Of age
Mentally sane
Not Intoxicated

Film by Reiner E Moritz

December 28, 1990- Offer extended to Basinger

January 11, 1991- Basinger expressed intent to act in the movie

January 24, 1991- Agreed to act in role

February 27, 1991- Attorney’s from both sides met and discussed contract

February 28, 1991- Preselling of movie began

April 1991- Basinger changed agents

Who Breached?
May 1991- Basinger denied rumors: about not
performing in movie

June 1991- Main Line found out Basinger was
not going to act in movie

June 21, 1991 Main Line filed complaint of
breach of contract

Everything Going Downhill

free form camera movement w/ time editing
by John Evans
December 28,1990
Met with screenwriter and director
Discussion of compensation
Most film industry contracts are offered and accepted in an oral manner

The Great Train Robbery
filmed in Milltown, New Jersey
Directed by Edwin S. Porter

Innovative techniques: composite editing, camera movement, on location shooting, cross cutting (two scenes simultaneously) and hand colored frames

Dance sequences used for: establishing locale, to depict the types of people involved

Counter Argument
BOTH Breached
Promissory Estoppel
Main Line→ reliance on Mighty Wind to have Kim perform

ONLY Mighty Wind
Written agreements

Contract was never signed
If signed both could have been held liable
Yes, subject matter of contract was legal

Not contrary to public policy

By: Olivia Mulholland, Zachary Curl Sarah Craig, Michael Cosenza, &
Serpil Ekiz

Were Mighty Wind and Kim Basinger
both liable?
Mainline to Basinger
$500,000 plus additional deferred compensation in original offer
$3,000,000 total agreed upon later

Basinger to Mainline
Perform in movie


Court ruled initially in Main Line Pictures’ favor
Kim and/or Mighty Wind had to pay them $9 million in damages

Kim appealed and won
Technicality - ambiguity
Main Line Pictures had to cover the costs of her appeal




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