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Utah State Reasearch

No description

Bowen Zhang

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Utah State Reasearch

4Th Grade Research Project
Utah State Research By Bowen Zhang
Fun Facts
*Has a lot of mountains,deserts,etc.
*The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere
*Leading producer in natural resources such as gold,silver,copper,natural gas,petroleum,coal,etc.
*Jim Bridger discovered The Great Salt Lake
*Rich with natural resources
Famous People Who Affected Utah
*The Mormons
*Native Americans
*Brigham Young
*Steve Young
*Robert Redford
*Merlin Olsen
*Karl Malone
Political Features
*Zion National Park
*Arches National Park
*Bryce Canyon National Park
*Canyonlands National Park
*Capital Reef National Park
*Salt Lake City
*Brigham City
Physical Features
*Great Salt Lake
*Lake Powell
*Colorado Plateau
*Green River
*Flaming Gorge
*Salt Lake Desert
*Esclante Desert
*Sevier Desert
*Monument Valley
Natural Resources
*Valuable oil
*Natural Gas
Sport Teams
*Utah Jazz (Basketball)
*Real Salt Lake (Soccer)
*ECHL Utah Grizzlies (Ice Hockey)
*AAA Salt Lake Bees (Baseball)
*Orem Owlz (Baseball)
* Odgen Raptors (Baseball)
*Utah Blaze (Football)
State History
1824 Jim Bridger Reaches The Great Salt Lake. In 1847 Brigham Young led a religious group of settlers westward to Utah (Mormons). 1867 Mormon Tabernacle opens in Salt Lake City. 1896 Utah is named 45th state. 1913 Zion National Park is made.
*Factory Works
*Manufacturing Industry
*Working at Resorts
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