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The American Revolution by Dakota

No description

Dakota Riggs

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The American Revolution by Dakota

The American Revolution
By: Dakota John Adams
John Adams was one of the five authors of the Declaration of Independence. He was also the second president of America Thomas Jefferson
He wrote the Declaration of independence. years before war broke out he was a loyalist but by July Of 1776 he was convinced that independence was the only choice The loyalists
the loyalists were the people who stayed loyal to the king Ben Franklin
oldest person to sign the Declaration Of Independence. He was a loyalist for most of his life. Two years before war broke out Franklin changed sides Paul Revere
Paul Revere rode to Concord and Lexington and said the "The British are coming!!! The British are coming!!!!!!!!!! The Rebels.
The rebels were the people who wanted to be rid of England. The Fence sitters
The fence sitters were the people who really didn't care who one the war The Marquis De Lafayette Lafayette was the yoengest General in American history James Armistead Lafayette James Armistead Lafayette was a 21 year old slave and was a spy for the Americans. He wasn't garenteed freedom but still did it War Breaks Out The first battle was at Lexington. British easily won. The second battle the Rebals won. The final battle the Rebals
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