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Web Design Essentials (Session 2)

An introduction to the topics we will be coverin in the design phase of the course.

Carl Heaton

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Web Design Essentials (Session 2)

Inspiration Welcome back! Time to bring life to your creative side. Web Design for Beginners Week2 - Inspiration & Design All Design Starts From Inspiration
Look and Feel
What is Important
Getting Started with Photoshop
Creating a Web Page Design Where do you start? Logo and Branding A good place to start! but not always the beginning! Where does it come from? Books? Magazines? TV? ...from friends maybe? Art...yeah, thats a good one..? ...other websites ? Cultivating the look and feel Commerce Corporate Blogs Social Networking DOWNLOADS Portfolio Sites Charity Search Engines What is needed on the page? really Speed no Clutter Simplicity Contact info Sponsors Search Features Twitter feed Readabilty Branding Add to basket Imagery Name Registration Usability Accessibility The answer is ... EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE Keep your eyes, mind and creativity open but remember
not to confuse inspiration with copying. I want the latest news
and events.. I want an easy way
to subscribe to
your service. I just need your
contact details.. Think how users will view your site Layouts and Organisation What is important? 2pts 5pts 2pts 4pts 3pts 2pts 1pt Support yourself with WIREFRAMES Digitising your design uestions ? `
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