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siberian huskies

No description

Jessalyn Foley

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of siberian huskies

huskies were origanaly bred for the purpose of pulling sleds whether for races or for transportation for medicines and warm clothes. they were very useful, if a town needed medicines and things like that but, they couldnt get them because there would be to much snow and the trains lines would be blocked the huskies and there rider would go on a dangerous juorney to get to those small towns out in nowhere. a lot of huskie dogs and their drivers died in this period pf time from either getting lost in a blizzard or dying from hunger or cold.these men and dogs were very brave and I think should be remembered.
Huskies are very smart!!!!
huskies can survive the cold
huskies eyes
huskies need space
Huskies are very good companions and will do anything to protect their owners even at the cost of their own lives! huskies arent only very good companions but they are very fun to play with as well! huskies are very good guard dogs as well, dont be afraid if you have one with you! A huskies bite would be like 320 pounds falling on your hand! ouch!!!! Thankfully huskies are very rarely known to bite.so if you are looking for a good and faithful dog huskies a good dog for you!
siberian huskies
pulling sleds
Huskies are know as an sort of" escape artist"
put them alone in a room and its pretty much certain they will find a way out! Huskies
Huskies can live in a climate up to -70f
thats really cold!! most huskies dont actually live in that kind of climate because their owners will mist likely die.
huskies though can live very happily in a warm climate just the same!

huskies eyes are different then most dogs eyes. the normal dogs has browny
black colored eyes,but huskies have many different colored eyes . the most common color of huskies eyes would be
an icy blue. the colors can vary though from blue, brown,black, and very rarely green.
huskies are dogs that need alot of space. so, if you live in a small town house or a cramped apartment then dont gt a husky.
since huskies were bred to be running dogs they need alot of space to run around.
huskies shed
huskies shed a huge shedding period twice a year. they are very hairy dogs, they need this hair for warmth in the winter in colder climates.
huskies are a sort of endangered species because people dont want them as much anymore because the use they were used for is now been erased because we have other means of transportation to get around the supplies small towns need in the cold weather. huskies are still used in sled races, though not as much.sadly hundreds of huskies used to die from mistreatment before we had these means of transportations decreasing the population of huskies.
huskies speed
huskies are very fast1 they can travel up to 50mph!!! thats really really fast! they dont do it in only short bursts either they keep a steady pace for hours! a siberian husky can travel up to 150 miles per day!
siberian huskies
i hope you enjoyed this report on huskies! and that maybe you will walk away remembering something i talked about;)
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