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Assessment of European pumped hydropower storage (PHS) potential

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Marcos Gimeno-Gutiérrez

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Assessment of European pumped hydropower storage (PHS) potential

A GIS-based study
Results for the European PHS potential
RE goals (20% by 2020) require interconnections, energy storage, flexible generation and demand-side management.

Pumped hydropower storage (PHS) is the only storage that can contribute significantly to the 2020 goals.

There were no other previous studies assessing the European PHS potential.
Define a GIS-based methodology (2011)

Validate it with industry and academia (workshop April 2012)

Application to assess the European potential
Improvements on the JRC/UCC model
I hope to see you soon!
Complete assessment of potential sites, for both T1 and T2

With results for 31 European countries from an improved model

Support to decision making
Marcos Gimeno-Gutiérrez (marcos.gis.rs@gmail.com)
A comparison with the existing PHS reported in 14 countries suggests that the T1 theoretical potential is 3.5 times the existing capacity whereas the T2 realisable potential is 10 times as much the existing capacity.
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