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Fiction and Fairy Tales

No description

Whitney Cutler

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Fiction and Fairy Tales

Fiction and Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales
Common Motifs
Cultural Relevance
Fairy Tales
- A fictional story that may feature folklore characters ( fairies, goblins, elves, witches, etc.)
- Have their roots in oral tradition and are spread across culture
-Occur in an unknown or unfamiliar time and place
"Once Upon a time...."
-Take place in a world where magic is possible
- Sometimes teach a moral or lesson
- Goodness is rewarded and evil punished
- Culture and values of the community are reflected.
- They help steer the heroes in the right direction.
-If they are lost: give them advice
-Help them with white (good) magic
- They watch over the heroes. Protect them.
Good vs. Evil
Light vs. Dark
- Gives the audience the feeling that they have the power to overcome evil.
- Becomes the central conflict between the protagonist and antagonist: Hero v. Villain.
Magic and Enchantment
- Creates origins/ myths of how things work or where they came from.
- Adds something new and unusual to add to entertainment
- Allows the hero to overcome magic! (Usually dark magic)
Talking Animals
- Gave animals an important role and personality.
- Animals had characteristic to help (or hurt) humans
- These animals have DISTINCT characteristics (snake=evil, lion=powerful)
What is Culture?
-If something is relevant it means that it is connected to something
A reoccurring object, concept, or structure.

Fairy Godmothers, Mentors, Magical Helpers, Guides
-Gives the audience hope.
- Is there a Prince? King? Queen? Princess?
Symbolic Numbers
- The number 3 is a Christian number (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
- The number 12 is the number of the zodiac (It's also a multiple of 3)
- Tasks appear in 3's, 6's, or 7's
Universal Theme
- a big idea that relates a common human experience
- something that can apply in any time or any
ex: good will always conquer evil, power corrupts,
or individuals must think for themselves
It is the knowledge, language, values, beliefs, practices, and habits of a society.
Includes: music, entertainment, social customs, moral standard, religion, etc.
Cultural Relevance
How a piece of literature relates to the culture
it is produce in.
- How a time or place can influence how a
piece tuns out.
In the early 2000's society was afraid that technology was progressing too fast. This is reflected in movies like The Matrix.
Now there is a fear of the apocalypse, disease, and life without technology as seen in shows like The Walking Dead.
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