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Embodied Self Portrait/Still Life

Create a self-portrait using metaphorical objects in the format of a still life

joe bruns

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Embodied Self Portrait/Still Life

Self portraiture
Self portrait
Embodied Still Life
(Self Portraiture)

Tracey Emin
"My Bed"

Does this look like an advertisement for
a mattress store?

What is your first reaction to this bed?

Would you show a photograph of your room if it looked like this?

In a raw and unfiltered way, Tracey
Emin reveals something sincere and
unglamorous to the audience.

How could this installation be considered a self-portrait?
DAY 2:
Composition-The organization, arrangement, and layout in an art piece.

1. On a table, compose your 3-5 objects in an interesting way. Have fun and tryout different arrangements.

Small "thumbnail" sketches will help. Create at least 3 and decide which is more interesting by consulting a classmate.

2. Layout simple shapes with light pencil. (get approval)

3. Using vine and compressed charcoal, begin building value and blending shades of different values where it should be smoother. Leave bright and dark areas white or fully black. Shiny objects have a high
(range of lights and darks) so they appear to have no shading.
Write it!
Select an object you could assign to each of the elements you wrote earlier
(C.C. #1a and #1b) Use logical evidence to support your claim

-A whisk could embody/stand for my ability and interest in cooking.
-A Rubik's cube could be used as a metaphor because I'm good at solving problems.
-When there is a problem with my friends, I am like the glue that puts things back together.

A S S I G N M E N T N O T E B O O K S ! !

Now, you must bring in 3-5 objects into art class. They must be things realistic to bring into school.
Ricky Swallow
"The Arrangement"
Carved wood

Comparing two things that would otherwise be unrelated.

"The world is a stage" or "His plan was as sneaky as a snake.

can create visual metaphor

What could a helmet be a symbol for? (safety? Protection?)
How is a snake symbolic? (poisonous, biblical, sneaky, dangerous)

is achieved when two things are combined together or are placed very close and their collective meaning changes
(a bird next to a cage, cookie dough with a spoon, knife and a bandage, etc)

What does the juztaposition of a helmet and a snake mean to you?

-Helmets are not safe?
-Despite our efforts, death is inevitable?
List 3 things about your personality. (i.e. excellent problem solver, good at cooking, strong mediator, positive attitude ) Feel free to look up a list of personality traits if that's helpful
To give visual form to an idea, quality, or feeling.

Hint: A symbol that represents the skill/ability/personality you listed.

Example: To show that I'm striving to be a positive person, I could use a mouth guard to symbolize protecting my smile.
Using a mirror, spend 2 minutes focused on recording your face. Pay attention to the proportions of each part, (eyes in middle, nose on 1/4 line, etc.)

DO 4 drawings, 2 min./drawing.

Select the most successful drawing and describe why.
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