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Anaconda Plan

The Anaconda Plan was made and developed by General Winfield Scott.

Colby Winter

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Anaconda Plan

How the Anaconda Plan influenced the outcome of the war The plan was developed by General Winfeild Scott for defeating the CSA in the Civil War. Part one the Anaconda Plan is to block the coast of the south preventing them to export products and import war equipment. Part two of this plan is to take control of the Mississippi River which will cut the west off from the south The Civil War Part three of this plan is to
Divide the South by capturing the Tennessee River Valley and marching through Georgia to the coast (Known as
Sherman's March The last part of the plan is to capture the caitol of the CSA, Richmond, Virginia Even though the Anaconda Plan wasn't an official tactic, some tactics were used The Anaconda plan was named after the snake. The snake chokes its prey before eating it. Essentially the Union was going to cut off any support before winning the South back How the Dred Scott Decision help start the war What is the Dred Scott Decesion The Dred Scott Decision is a Supreme Court Case saying that slaves are not citizens of the USA and are considered Property The Dred Scott Decion also said slavery is allowed in any State How it started the war If you could imagine, states who outlawed slavery were not happy. They wanted to move away from slavery , not get in it more. When the north got mad, they would elect Mr. Lincoln to help demolish slavery, the South said if Lincoln would become president, they would seceed. The North wouldn't have won the war if it wasn't for the Anacond Plan. The plan never worked, Surrounding the South was a complete disaster, we did however cut parts of the south off from the outside though
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