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How To Use Google Business Photos

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Scott Mills

on 8 August 2015

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Transcript of How To Use Google Business Photos

How to Use Google Business Photos
1: Embed it on Your Web Site
Not sure how?
Watch this:
2: Embed it on your Facebook Page
Follow this link to discover how:

3: Send it in Email Marketing
1. Take a screen shot of your tour:
Make a QR Code for Smartphones
www.scan.me is a good place to do this
Need ideas??? Here are Four...
Google Business Photos is a Great Tool for Business
In other words,
Do something with it;
Don't just let it sit there!
But, it's great as a dynamic tool,
not a static one.
It's easy & it looks
2. Link the screen shot to your tour in constant contact, mailchimp, or other email marketing client.
3. Send out your eye-catching
Google Business Photos Virtual Tour
not sure how? -->
you can also use smartphone QR apps like QR Droid for Android or
QR Code Maker for iPhone
Want to schedule a free consultation in Central or Northern California? Contact us:


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Have other great ideas for using Google Business Photos? Email us & we'll add them to our list!
Have your Phone? Try it:
Check out our Prezi on why Google Business Photos is such an incredible marketing value here:
More about us here:
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