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APENG Questions

No description

Saras Paudel

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of APENG Questions

Norman Rockwell’s images represents a book as one of the essential component of education. The wreath and the torch also show connection to the Statue of Liberty which symbolizes freedom and U.S. image as a country. Torch symbolizes the freedom education brings forth that young students fails to recognize given the frown on the student's face. Lastly, an teacher who can advise the student and show him/her the correct path to make sure that they don't get lost on their way towards their goals.

1. Examine the props carefully. What are the “tools” of education, according to Norman Rockwell’s image?

From this depiction, other races than white and females are incompetent, in Rockwell’s ideal vision of education. According to his ideal vision male's are excluded from teaching, generalizing that male were superior and needed education, but didn't teaching due to their need in society for its development.

2. On the basis of this depiction alone, who is excluded from Rockwell’s ideal vision of education?

He assumes that education is overrated in the student point of view. The teacher is trying to convince others of the great potential education has for the future. She attempts to deceive other by using props that represents bigger ideas, and to make sure that the best image of education is made she uses make-up and dresses the boy with a banner "The Spirit of Education". But she fails on her purpose, because the boy truly shows how he feels; uninterested and frustrated as he is told to represent something bigger than he feels.

3. What assumptions about education does Rockwell make in this illustration?

Spirit of Education of U.S. in 2014


4. In 1934, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression. How does this painting encourage an optimistic outlook on the future?
The painting tries to depict that education leads to a greater future and white males are the hope for the counrty.The painting portrays a happy image to persuade the student and believe on education the same as she does. The painting foreshadows the reality of the education as it has been one of the essential needs for survival.
Spirit of Education these days has taken a new form, as U.S. is the 27th out of the world education ratings. It has become mandated and provided for free, books are replaced by advanced technologies allowing even more access and opportunities. On the contrary, more than half of students actually do not value their education and the opportunities that they are given. The images contrasts the illusion of ideal education visualized by adults versus the reality at school. The first two top images shows what should be happening as students are going to school and the resources and every other needs for a student is provided to form "ideal world of education". While the bottom two images shows how students fool around and sleep instead of taking advantage of the given opportunity, and destroying the "spirit of education" by cheating themselves.
Education these days!!

KIDS think they aint got no time for that!
What adults think we do...
What we actually do...
Props in the images are Laptop, Books, Pencil, Notebook.The images on the tops presents an optimistic view as all the students are shown eager to learn and have a bright future. The image on the bottom rather explains our current national ranking and shows that education is being taken granted for. There is no exclusion for anyone in education, and there are equal opportunities present amongst men and women.
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