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Marsh Tacky

No description

Chessnee Worley

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Marsh Tacky

Markings Marsh Tacky Horses The Marsh Tacky Horse These primitive markings are inherited from their Spanish Colonial ancestors. The Marsh Tacky is the South Carolina State Heritage
They are found in the low country of SC and the Barrier Islands of South Carolina and Georgia.
They were almost extinct and horse breeders have stepped
in to increase their numbers. Swamp Fox Trot Give me a Kiss Jackie Marsh Tackies are know for their calm, gentle nature.
Tackies have a distinctive gait called the “Swamp Fox Trot,” which allows for a comfortable ride in rough terrain. Beach Race at Daufaskie Island Marsh Tackies are know for their speed and agility. Tackies are very loving and passinate horses Jackie is a 5 month old filly named after a tireless working advocate for the preservation of a nearly extinct breed of horse. Jack Friday Young fillies are free and they love to play.
You can always find them just a few steps
behind their mother. Young and Free Carolina Marsh Tacky Association The Carolina Marsh Tacky Association
came into place when they realized
something need to be done to protect and
keep their numbers up for these
beautiful and majestic creatures. My name is Jack Friday! I'm here to talk about my life and what it is like to be a state heritage horse. I'm very sweet and I give lots of kisses. I am very territorial. I boss around all other males whether they are geldings or stallions.
I love my mares most of all. I love to
be ridden and taken for walks. I do
not, however, like to be worked with in
the round pen although I do it because I like to please those who take care of me.
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