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The Color Purple

No description

Sheri N

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The Color Purple

Miss Mllie
Eleanor Jane
The Color Purple

Major Themes
Main Characters
Other Important Characters
Pre-Existing Problem
The people in Celie's society all have the same mentality that everyone has their stereotypical role in society, and that it's bad to break or stray from the role that you are expected to play in society.
What Would Montag's Society Think?
Montag's society would ban this book because it encourages people to stand up for their rights and that it's okay to break your stereotypical role in society and do something different. This idea clashes with the kind of society that Montag lives in because in his society they want everyone to act the same and be the same and to not stand out. So a book like this would encourage people to be different, which is not what Montag's society wants.
Celie is the main character of the novel. She goes through most of her life with a passive attitude. Taking any harm that comes her way without fighting back. Throughput the novel she learns new things about everything, including herself.
Mr.________ (Albert)
Nettie is the younger sister of Celie. As a very smart and intelligent girl she tries to teach her sister how to read and write properly. She is oblivious to what her sister goes through when they are younger but soon understand as she grows into a young woman.
Shug Avery
Shug Avery is depicted in a way that is not positive when she is first introduced in the novel. She is thought of as someone rude and sinful. As the story continues the reader will be able to see the positive things Shug has to offer; such as love, care, and friendship.
Mr.________ would be put into the category of antagonist almost immediately. He is a very despicable person through a majority of the novel because of his selfish and hateful ways. Even though he is not the most important character he also goes through a major life analysis and changes his ways. It takes different events to occur but eventually he realizes the way he has been living is not acceptable.
Female Relationships: Female relationships play a major role in this novel. Without the help of their female friends most of the women in the novel wouldn't have been able to get up from all of the abuse they had. The relationships that these women had served as a refuge.Whether it was a friend or a mentor, the women in this novel were able to pull through from their oppressed lives due to the relationships they had with other women.
Alice Walker
Color: The author, Alice Walker, uses different colors to represent different things. In the beginning of the novel the only colors that make an appearance are dull colors such as brown, maroon, and dark blue. These three colors were the only choices Celie had for a new dress while she was still at the point in her life where she was oppressed. By the closing of the novel colors such as yellow and vibrant white are used. White and yellow are colors that express change and life renewal. The color purple is introduced when Celie finally understands what religion truly is to her, she speaks about how she never really appreciated such colors and small aspects of life until that moment.
Rising Action
Turning Point
The turning point in the story is when Celie, the main character, declares her 'independence' from her husband. This is where everything changes for the better overall. Throughout most of novel Celie is very submissive to the dominant male characters such as her father and husband. When she decides its finally time for her to stand up for herself she shows these men that she has found her voice of courage along with her own identity and they can't dominate her anymore. She's totally transformed as a person.
During the events leading up to the climax Celie learns life lessons through others and experiences. Shug Avery plays a major role in Celie's life at this time. She shows Celie how to love and be loved, how to determine what and who God really is to her, and helps Celie explore her sexuality. Shug also helps Celie find letters from Nettie, the content within these letters helps to push Celie to strive for a better life for herself.
Should you read this book:
This novel takes place in rural Georgia. There is never a specific date or time mentioned but it is assumed that the novel takes place in the early 1900's. Readers assume this because of the descriptions of the event takes place, the technology that is mentioned, and how the society of the novel functions.
- The novel is a bit vulgar but I enjoyed reading it so i would recommend to readers who can handle harsh words and intense situations.
- I was not able to enjoy this novel because it was way too graphic. I recommend you read it only if you can handle the vulgar words and very graphic scenes.
- I did enjoy the novel so I would recommend it.
Sheriann, Ny'Asia, & Tiara
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