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how does an electrical generator harm the environment ???????

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Morgan Patterson

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of how does an electrical generator harm the environment ???????

HOW DO COAL BURNING FACTORIES AFFECT THE environment ??? he introduction during this presentation you will learn
how coal burning factorties harm the environment ??? Problem
1 the problems with the coal burning is that fossil fuels are being burnt and toxic carbon dioxide is being released into the environment. Problem 2 The fuels are being released into the environment and we are inhaling the toxic chemical which is harming us. Problem 3 When the chemicals is in the air not only humans are breathing in the chemical
animals breathing it in this is causing animal to perish. Problem 4 carbon dioxide is in the air and is hurting our plant with all the coal and oil burnt we are wasting our natural resources. Solutions There are many solutions but here are some good ones.
If you have a TV or computer at they are powered by an electrical generator which is run by coal and oil and we are wasting our oil and coal. The power runs through power lines so only have one electronic on at a time. Information gathered at wiki.answers.com/Q/ bibliography By morgan 7-1 Fun game 1.what is my project about ? 2. what is one of the solutions in my problem 3. How is the coal burning harming us? answers

how do coal burning factories harm the environment.

to only have as little electronics on at one time

it is harming us because we are breathing in the harmful chemicals http://www.tutorvista.com/content/science/science-ii/magnetic-effects-electric-current/electric-generator.php In conclusion coal burning factories are harming the environment to run things like electrical generators so before you turn on a electrical product it is harming the environment.
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