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Black Plague

No description

Scott Phillips

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Black Plague

Bubonic Plague: 1340s-Today?
How did it start?
Fleas on rats carried it from Italy all through Europe
Killed 30-50% of Europe's pop.
-20 million from 1347-1350
Comparable to a nuclear war today
What does it look like?
Social Effects
People died within days of infection
Infected everyone (not just the poor)
Priests, kings, etc. Religion had no explanation
Some beat themselves, showing God they repent
Others indulged, they would be dead soon anyway
Jews blamed for poisoning wells
Many murdered in France, Italy, Spain
Why are Jews the scapegoat? Europe
mostly Christian, Jews were in the minority
and typically untrusted
Economic Effects
Wages increased because labor decreased
Generally, trade slowed and economy declined
(more reason why the Dark Ages was a tough time period to live in)
Can this happen again!?!?
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