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The Principles of Art: Intro to 2D

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Alyssa Parr

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of The Principles of Art: Intro to 2D

The Principles of Art
1. Repetition/Pattern
A repeating element in an artwork.
2. Rhythm
The regular repetition of elements such as line, shape, and forms to create interest and consistency.
7. Unity
Arranging the elements to make the artwork look COMPLETE or WHOLE, and everything is in harmony.
4. Balance
Placing elements in a way so that one does not overpower another.

3. Contrast
Shows differences in an artwork by using opposite elements.
This can happen through a variety of elements such as value change, size difference, color, etc.
2 types of balance:
5. Emphasis
The focal point, or a part of the artwork that sticks out the most.
6. Movement
Moving the viewer's eye from one point to another
There are 7 Principles of art:
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