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No description

Gabrielle Lyon

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of M.A.T.H.O.

CJ has 21 toy cars and 3 friends at his house. How many cars does each of his friends get?
Sam bought 5 boxes of candy. There are 12 candies in each box. When he got home, he ordered 2 more boxes and ate half of one box. How many candies does Sam have in all?
If Sasha has 8 bags of marbles and each one has 6 marbles in each bag, how many marbles would Sasha have in all?
Cecile went to Caroline's Candy Store and bought candy for 7 children. She wanted each child to have 9 pieces of candy. How many pieces does she need to buy?
There are 3 monkeys at the zoo. Each monkey eats three times per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For each meal, each monkey eats 3 bananas. How many bananas would they eat in 1 day? How many in 3 days?
Donny has 83 football cards. He gave 17 away. He gave 17 away 3 more times. He got 27. How many cards does he have now?
Bob bought 5 boxes of crayons. Each box had 7 crayons in it. How many crayons did Bob get?
If Ryan had 4 bags of marbles with 11 in each bag, how many does he have total?
Sophia G. and Sofia R. bought 8 bags of M&Ms with 10 pieces of candy in each bag. How many M&Ms did they have total?
Jerry walked into Fitzerald's Game Shop. He bought 30 balls and was going to split them with 2 people. How many balls would each person get?
Kate went to Poppy's Toy Store. She needed to replace game markers for her board games at home. There were 7 small bags at the register with 8 game markers in each bag. If she bought 3 bags, how many markers would they have altogether?
If Zara had 24 cookies and she wanted to give them evenly among 6 children, how many cookies would each child get?
Emma had 35 baseball cards. She divided them into 5 equal piles. How many cards were in each pile?
7 candies fit in to each treat bag. Jerry had 49 pieces of candy. How many treat bags can Jerry make?
Casey is making cupcakes for a party. Each plate holds 8 cupcakes and she made 48 total. How many plates of cupcakes will she have?
Brody has 7 puppies. He would like to buy each puppy a toy. Each toy costs $8.00. How much will Brody spend at the pet store?
Kendall is having a party and would like to give each of her friends a yo-yo as a party favor. Each yo-yo costs $6.00 and she invited $12.00 friends. How much should Kendall save for the yo-yos?
At Pearla's Pet Store, hamsters are kept in groups of 6. There are 11 cages of hamsters. How many hamsters are at Pearla's Pet Store?
Mrs. Gorman has 23 tape measures and she wants to put the same number of tape measures in each toolkit. She has 9 toolkits. How many tape measures will each kit get? Will there be any left over?
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