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ME 308 / Project

No description

Abu Hassan

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of ME 308 / Project

Mount & Stand Project
Section: 51
Instructor: Mr. Baig

Team Two
Ahmed Al-Kubaish
Abdullah Al-Shehri
Nezar Al-Shehri
Yasser Al-Shahrani
Murad Al-Hashim


To design a celestial tracking telescope mount and stand, which are adjustable, can be connected to a camera and used while standing or sitting.
Design Requirements
Track moving
1 rev/day
-adjustable speed.
Mass: 20 kg.
Motor: 12V DC
Reflector / Refractor.
2 motion mount
- adjustable stand.
easy - safe - transportable.
Concept Analysis
 Magnification Requirements
 The theoretical limit of the telescope:
Max = aperture X 50 = 300X
Min = aperture X 3.6 = 22X

 Recommended: ( for 6’’ aperture )
- Planet: 220X
- deep sky Object: 50-75X
Magnification range: 50-250X
Type of Telescope
So, the reflector is better.
Type of Mount
So, the German equatorial mount
is the best choice.
  Transmission system
So, the worm is the best
from all type of gears.
Type of Motor
So, stepper motor is better.

Elevating Mechanism
So, the rack and pinion is better
than other types.
Type of Stand
So, the Tripod stand is better.
Stand Material
So, carbon fiber is better.
Design Details
Cost Analysis
2 motion mount.
1 rev/day R. A. shaft.
Mass: 18.35 Kg.
Adjustable mount & stand.
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