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Creating and Sharing Files using an Ad-Hoc

Sky Scraper

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Ad-Hocs

Ad-Hocs 7. You need to share the folder on your laptop to access it with your friends laptop. To do this go to the properties of the folder (Right Click -> Properties) 1. Go to 'Network And Sharing Center' from the control panel and click on ‘Set up a new connection or network’. A simpler way of connecting computers without the need of a router or a wireless base! An Ad-Hoc is a simple network between two computers to share data and files without the need of a router or a wireless base. Here are some simple steps from http://kyrionhackingtutorials.com to create an Ad-Hoc and to share files through it: 2. Select the last option “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) network”, click Next, and enter the network name and security key for your ad hoc. 3. There will be a wireless ad hoc network in your laptop and your friend's laptop displaying “Waiting for Users”. 4. Connect to your wireless ad hoc network from your friends laptop. When both of you get connected it will show connected in both the laptops. 5. Now open “My Computer” in your friend’s laptop and click on “Network” it will show computers presented in your wireless network. 6. Now you can access files from here. 8. Go to “Sharing” tab and click on “Advanced Sharing”. 9. Check mark “Share this folder” and click on “OK”. 10. Now your folder will be available in the network and you can access the files. ENJOY !! Your Network has been created!!!
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