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303 presentation

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on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of 303 presentation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Bus303 - Presentation The Monju Dilemma Outline Background Information
Ethical Issues
Our Recommendation
Questions & Answers What is Monju: The Video Introduction Increasing global demand for sustainable energy
Usage of fossil fuels is far too high
How far will investors & researchers go? The Ethical Issues Stakeholders 5 Stakeholder Groups What Has Changed to Make This an Issue? Reaching maximum functionality
Desire to become a more independent nation
International pressure Issues Substantial time & money invested
Dangerous past incidents
Lobbyists' concerns
"Dangerous" & "Nonsensical" Right vs. Right Conflict
2 choices: Shut Down or Continue Operating Provides sustainable energy to benefit humanity Why Shutting Down is RIGHT No longer risks the environment and the lives of millions Questions & Answers Operations should continue Monju: Our Recommendation Discontinue Monju's operations
Continue the operations
Make a decision based on survey
Relocate the plant The Alternatives Japanese Government- largest stakeholder Stakes Fiduciary duty Duty Utilitarian
Benefits investors, reputation of the government, environment
Long-run outcomes outweigh short-term risks Using Ethical Theories Interest-based
Moral Environmentalists Financial
Interest-based Monju Workers Financial
Interest-based Investors Japanese Citizens Financial
Legal Japanese Government Rights-based
Interest-based Thank you for listening! Why Operating is RIGHT Satisfies citizen
Satisfies short-term environment Kantian Ethics Satisfies:
Long-term environment
Researchers Utilitarian Theory Satisfies:
Researchers Satisfies citizens
Satisfies Governmnt Theory of Ethics Discontinue operations
Survey the population
Relocation Why we didn't choose: Social Contract Theory
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