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Amphibian Land

Learn about the life of Amphibians!!!

Sarah Clancy

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Amphibian Land

Feeding "Amphibians are cold-blooded,damp,smooth and hairless." Some amphibians,like frogs, live the first half of their life in water and adulthood on land. Others can live in both land and water at the same time. I already knew some amphibians have gills and some have lungs but, I didn't know they can have both! pg.4 Amphibians *most adults are carnivores
*amphibians preys are mostly insects.
*they find food with their good hearing
*amphibians eyes stick out so they can see all derections
pg.20 Amphibian Land Amphibian Land by:Jade Miks #16 Vocabulary Terms *Fatal- causing death

* Invertebrate- animal without a backbone

* Evolve- develop and change over time

* Corpse-dead body
Pgs.36,14,6 and 38 Frogs Salamanders Newts Caecilians * not seen a lot * lives in tropical forests in:
South America and Africa
* 160 species
*they go from blackish blue to pink orange
*they use their muscular bodies to swim and hide
*have strong skulls
pg.14 *Live mostly in water
*live in Northern half
*They have four short feet
*Strong tail because its important to keep balanced when on land
*basically use it to propel when swimming
*hide well in the night because they eat snails and insects at night
pg.12 *variety of different kinds
*some live in both water and land
*others are lung less and look like eels
*and some live in dark caves and are blind
Axolotl(type of salamander)
*very unusual
*located in Mexico
*most stay as "big babies"
*some can live on land and some in water that don't have lungs
pg.1o Conclusion I choose this book because I didn't
know about amphibians and really
wanted to learn. I found a lot of cool
facts and there is a variety of them. I definitely learned a lot from this book. :) About Jade Miks Jade is a girl and is 10 years old.
She goes to Live Oak Elementary.
Jade loves learning about new things.She is a lucky person to have Mrs. Clancy as her Fifth grade teacher. She can't wait to make another prezi. Go 49ers!!! (For Mrs.
The End *two eyes on each side of their head
*strong back feet to jump
*slimy skin
*can lay up to 20,000 eggs
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