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Eweek 2013 orientation

No description

arjun c

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Eweek 2013 orientation

About us... ONYX, the E Cell at the National Institute of Engineering, Mysore was set up under the guidance of NIE- Entrepreneurship Development Cell to foster the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students and encourage them to think out of the box. The core committee consists of E Leaders who are mentored and guided by the Faculty leaders. It has more than 750 members who are motivated continuously through talks by several Entrepreneurs as well as exciting and innovative competitions.
To enhance the entrepreneurial, creative and managerial skills in members, guiding them Towards Excellence. What is E-WEEK ?? For one week, lakhs of people across the country will come together to celebrate Entrepreneurship Week India. Designed to build public awareness and support for entrepreneurship, E Week India focuses public attention on today's biggest opportunities and encourages participants to reflect on their role as leaders and innovators. The campaign is led by the National Entrepreneurship Network and supported by the Wadhwani Foundation.
By far the largest entrepreneurship activity in the country, E Week's dramatic results in the past - building support for entrepreneurs - is encouraging ever more participation. This year's E Week is set to engage over 7,00,000 participants. The campaign will see active involvement of more than 30 organizations that support entrepreneurship E-WEEK 2010 Runners up & NilimaRovshen Creativity Award E-week India 2010 E-WEEK 2011 Championship & Most Effective Public Awareness Award E-week India 2011 E-WEEK 2012 Championship E-week India 2012 MAIN EVENTS MAIN EVENTS MAIN EVENTS ONYX 1. Talk of the Year
2. Smokeless chulas
3. Big Fight 1.Talk of the Year
2.E-Week on Wheels
3.Paathshaala 1.Big Fight
2.Yathri Outreach
3.E-week @ schools Pods that make ONYX 1.Marketing
4.Event Coordination
6.Recruitment and Communication
8. Social Entrepreneurship Events for E-Week 2013 1. Big Fight 2. E-Hunt 3. Cyclathon 4. E-Week @ Schools 5. Awareness at a Tribal Village Innovating For India Theme For
E-Week 2013... Innovating For India THANK YOU .... Join US in making this E-Week a grand success
and get yourself a never before experience VISION
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