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Issues within Religious Education

No description

Uroosa Iqbal

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Issues within Religious Education

Issues within Religious Education
- English as an Additional Language (EAL) Learners
- Gifted and Talented Learners
- Bullying
- Pupil Premium
- National Curriculum
- Classroom environment
- Inclusion

Impact of initiative
- Ensure effective teaching of R.E.
- Ensure R.E. is included in school curriculum.
- Promote consistency of effective teaching.
- Will be able to see development - from books
- Boost teacher confidence
- Encourage conversations with children
- Perceptions of the importance of R.E.
- Withdrawal of children from R.E. lessons
Initiative: A new scheme
- Implementing a new scheme to emphasis and encourage the teaching of R.E.

1 - Come into PPA sessions, address concerns, look at lesson plans
2 - Trial the scheme - gain confidence
3 - Have support for teachers who do not feel comfortable
4 - R.E. learning walk - talk to children, look at books
- Inclusion of children within R.E. lessons

- Inclusion of R.E. within the school curriculum.

Why focus on inclusion within RE?
- Underdeveloped teaching and learning
- National Association of Teachers of R.E.
- Ofsted
- Lack of emphasis and importance
- The positive contribution R.E. has on the development of children.
Addressing barriers
- A whole school approach
- Ensure R.E. is being taught once a week or once every 2 weeks.

- This will allow children to have access to the R.E. curriculum and develop skills which will benefit them throughout their education and in the future.
Addressing barriers
- Class teachers need to liaise with support staff.

- This will allow children to be included within all R.E. lessons and have access to learning about other people's religions, beliefs and faiths.
Addressing barriers
- Speak to parents - tell them what you will cover in R.E. lessons, share lesson plans, explain the benefit.

- This will allow parents' misconceptions about what is being taught to their children to be addressed and hopefully, decrease the number of withdrawals.
- Whole school display - R.E. work from each year group

- Class assembly - a religious festival for each year group to cover in assembly
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