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MKT 456: Snapshot Presentation

Justin Iyoki

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Japan

Japan Culture Distribution Channels Language: Japanese Kanji: Japan
Hiragana: Japan
Katakana: McDonalds
Romaji: McDonalds ] Foreign words English manadatory for grades 5 and 6
Often taught in secondary school and used in business Tradidtional greeting is a bow
Foreign visitors should use a handshake Indirect and avoid conflict Appearance U.S. and European fashions are popular
Confomitiy and harmony
Conservative: Showing skin is avoided
Color: Ex. Japan's Flag Red: Brightness, sincerity, and life (popular color for logos and products)
White: Honesty and purity; death and mourning Values Family is the foundation of Japanese society
Sense of reputation, obligation, and responsibility
Relationships and Loyalty are important in business Contrasting values make it more difficult to penetrate market Keys to success for the U.S.
Understand and adapt to Japanese culture
Build and maintain a strong relationship Barriers to
Market Entry High fixed costs (real estate/construction) Japanese govt. heavily favors Japanese firms Lax monopoly laws Pricing Products Partnerships
and Alliances Voluntary partnerships Limited partnerships Silent Partnerships Major industries in automotive and technology
Many manufacturing plants along with company headquarters
Advancement through electronics Here are a few products that were founded out of Japan: 1) Soladey Ionic Toothbrush- A toothbrush with solar panels and operates electronically.
2) Abstract Watches- Watches that use dots, lines, or anything other than conventional numbers to indicate time.
3) Baggttery- A women’s purse with a battery recharger inside so portable devices such as cell phones and tablets can be charged on the go. Constant advances through cell phones, applications, and areas such as wireless charging. Cell Phone When looking to enter the Japanese market, an American company must strategically pick which channels and which pricing model to choose.
Because of a majority of manufacturing plants and wholesalers being located in Japan, many consumers are price savvy and are able to pick the best deal.
A company can thrive through exchange rates, especially if the rate is favorable.
By having a competitive advantage through features, quality, and pricing a United States based company can succeed.
The current exchange rate is 1 Japanese yen = 0.0128 US dollars.
Here is a list of common items where prices between the Japanese Yen and the USD are compared: Discussion Japan has trade barriers caused by its' form of
distribution channels.
Papa-Mama stores.
Decentralized distribution system.
Manufacturing sector. When meeting a Japanese executive for the first time, it is appropriate for foreigners to greet them with: A) a bow

B) a hug

C) a handshake

D) a high five A color which represents brightness, sincerity, and life and is used commonly in Japanese logos, products, and clothing is: A) white

B) gray

C) pink

D) red In terms of business relationships, _________ is very important to the Japanese. A) greed

B) loyalty

C) power

D) money What is the biggest reason more foreign companies don't operate in Japan? A) High fixed costs

B) Lax monopoly laws

C) Governemnet heavily favors Japanese firms

D) All of the above What partnership requires prompt financial reporting? A) Limited partnership

B) Voluntary partnership

C) Silent partnership

D) All of the above Why are fixed costs in Japan so high? A) High property taxes

B) Lack of available land drives up prices

C) Greedy land owners

D) Because the government says so Sales Traditional corporate sales are focused on a human-to-human interaction.
Internet/Technology has changed the strategy of many corporations. Which of the following companies were founded in Japan? A) Toyota

B) Sony

C) Nikon

D) All of the above U.S. based companies can have competitive advantage through which of the following? A) Features

B) Quality

C) Pricing

D) All of the above What type of distribution channel does Japan use? A) Decentralized

B) Centralized

C) Face-to-Face

D) Extremism Why is Japan moving away from the traditional sales structure? A) Poor business decisions

B) Technology

C) New parliament ruling

D) Foreign policy change
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