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Gadsden Purchase

No description

Monica Gonzalez

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Gadsden Purchase

What and Why?
The Gadsden Purchase
The Gadsden Purchase Treaty was the transferring of land from Mexico to the United States for 10 million dollars. the land covered 30 thousand square miles witch know we know as New Mexico and part of Arizona (Tucson)
The United Stated wanted the land for transcontinental railroad, and the creator of the idea was James Gadsden
When and Where?
The Gadsden purchase treaty was signed on December 30 1854
It was sighed at the City of Mexico
Additional Information
The Gadsden purchase was also used as an attempted to resolve conflicts that lingered after the Mexican-American War.
Before the Gadsden Purchase United States attempted to buy the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, an isthmus on the southern edge of North America, as an alternative means of providing a southern connection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Gadsden met with Santa Anna on September 25, 1853. President Pierce sent verbal instructions for Gadsden through Christopher Ward, an agent for U.S. investors in the Garay project, giving Gadsden negotiating options ranging from $50 million for lower California and a large portion of northern Mexico to $15 million for a smaller land deal that would still provide for a southern railroad.
Gadsden purchase treaty (1853) ''American history. Abc-Clio, 2013. Web 24 sept.2013
Google images

Created by James Gadsden
Signed by president Franklin Pierce
Gadsden Purchase
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