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New York

No description

Lakshmi Roy

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of New York

New york is located on the northeastern part of the U.S. Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and below Canada.
Population: 8.337 million
Problems In New York


Guiding Question : You live in a city- great! There are opportunities. The city presents the good and the bad.
Aspect : Cities and environmental pollution. How is our health affected by the kind of pollution that exists in the city?
1. New York is known as one of the busiest cities around- and that's not always a good thing. There is constantly pollution from taxis, buses and cars from people trying to get from place to place. Daily traffic causes gas to escape into the air and oil spills to seep into the oceans.
2. New york is very populated, with over 8.3 million people comes a lot of garbage and litter. The majority comes from construction projects and visitors create more than 36000 tons of garbage everyday. In 2001 New York's last garbage dump closed, now they just use garbage trucks (which burn high polluting diesel fuel) to put the garbage in which is usually a poor neighborhood.
One way New York City is fighting pollution involves getting more green plants into city streets, parks and homes. Trees reduce street temperatures and clean city air of the dust . Its also an advantage for people to enjoy nature.
Air pollution can easily cause Asthma attacks. Over 20 million people in America have encountered asthma. It can also cause various lung diseases (like bronchitis) and heart attacks.
goodbye friends
i am drowning
2 much pollution
Thank you for watching
Presentation by Lakshmi and Biesma
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Times Square (downtown NYC)
source: picture from marriott.com
Statue of Liberty
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Central Park in NYC
Aerial photo of NYC
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New York buildings
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