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Society & Culture

No description

Gabi Picard

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Society & Culture

Society and Culture PIP Proposal
Society and Culture Concepts
Society and culture issues and concepts to explore (will address all in some way):
belief systems and culture (influence on persons/society)
media, power and authority = influence
use of technology
environment --> access
Cross Cultural
The cross-cultural section will be definitely decided after the results of my questionnaire are analysed.
Possible cross-cultural groups are:
religion or belief system
location (possibly linked to economic situation)
generation - not to be confused with continuity and change!

Questionnaire - overview of general opinions/knowledge
Expert Interviews -provide detailed and accurate insight into changes in natural therapy areas
Content Analysis - (of newspapers over 3 months) language and references used (comparison between systems)

Scientific Journals/ Studies - professional and accurate information I could not complete myself, helps to further my topic
Australian Government (Census Data) - wide selection of individuals, with relevant questions/ data to further my understanding change in Australian society
Private Health Systems - a legal and professional classification of medical systems, as a basis for my own research and clarification

Step One: Decide the topic to be researched by Term 1, Week 3 (done)
Done after conducting secondary research to define the most sociologically relevant topics
Research Question
How and why have attitudes in modern Australian society towards alternative therapies changed over time?
Hypothesis: natural therapies have become increasingly accepted as a different medical institution due to influence from media, technology and globalisation.
Why is this interesting?
I use both natural therapies and western therapies
Interest in why it is considered 'different'
Very strong opinions
is it actually valid? (I am still a bit skeptical)
Is this relevant and with value?
1. If there have been changes in attitudes towards natural therapies, why?
2.what are the clear reasons why natural therapies are changing status in society?
3.What does the majority of society really think about natural therapies? e.g weird, unfounded etc.
4. why is it such a contentious issue?
Guiding Research Questions
Continuity and Change
the existence and presence of natural therapies, to varying degrees, in Australian society

the acceptance and prevalence of these natural therapies in Australian society.
changes in usage and reputation

change has been influenced possibly by; -scientific studies -reliance on science as the dominant informative institution -media coverage

These are the most relevant and clear changes concerning natural therapies in society, therefore the best facets to focus on.
Step Two:
Step Three:
Step Four:
Step Five:
Step Six:
Step Seven:
Step Eight:
Step Nine:
Obstacles and Strategies
Time Management
- strategy: using my timeline

Staying on topic
- strategy: use research questions

Collecting my research
- strategy: stick to timeline
- conduct my research in a relevant way

Narrow down research to create a research question (may be changed)

Should be completed by Term 1, week 4 (done)
still using secondary sources to gather information
Gathering more background information from appropriate sources
- for further direction into my topic, completed between weeks 2 - 6, Term 1 (done)
- occurs all the time (except for editing process)

Design and create primary research from secondary research e.g. questions for questionnaires, interiews, focus for content analysis to get best information possible

Avoid unethical questions, recognise bias etc.

Decide Cross-Cultural in this time from questionnaire

Should be completed Week 6- end of term, Term 1
Apply research methods

Understand I may have to conduct other research methods to get extra information if needed

Or,that the information is not what I expected

Should be completed during Christmas holidays
Bring research together and compile into manageable, logical groups (considering chapters)

Find out what is actually says about Alternative Therapies

Should be completed during Christmas holidays and Term 1
Analyse and synthesise data
Draw meaningful and insightful conclusions from my data, even answers to WHY trends are happening, not just HOW or WHAT.

Should be completed Term 1
Writing conclusions and planning my whole PIP
Decide how to best present the findings, including bibliography, referencing, chapters and headings (should be done as I go,when collecting data).
Also decide how to sustain the reader’s attention to keep it from being boring.

Should be completed by late term 1
Writing up the real PIP. Process will involve two or more drafts, necessary to ensure my language and information is sophisticated and understandable, effectively communicating my research findings.

Should be completed in holidays and then continued if necessary through term 2.
Then can hand it in Term 3:)
Relevant due to direct links to many Society and Culture Concepts (discussed later).
recent issue due to changes in modern technology, media, globalisation,clash between old and new systems etc.
effects many lives through connections to health systems and cultural interactions
trying to understand a very controversial area of life and society's institutions
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