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twerk team

No description

Elizabeth Powell

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of twerk team

synopsis Exposition Inciting Event conflicts literary climax falling action resolution Setting: at Orlandos
It's teen night,
Marianafriedchicken, Wizzosteve, and Rishaandala are partying and there is
alot of Twerking going on. Marianafriedchicken, Rishandala, and Wizzosteve were dancing and twerking and partying. Marianafiredchicken was twerking Rishandalas man Tony
when Johntez and Tony come to the lake house and they were causing problems When Mariana and Rishandala were arguing and Wizzosteve steps in and says "Hey cut the crap! Were moving the party to my house!!" Tony and Johntez come to the lake house and are mad because they see the girls partying with other people but then they get kicked out by Wizzosteve'sister H-Diggity. The boys leave the party and Marianafriedchicken, Rishandala. , and Wizzosteve decide to continue their Twerking party and Johntez and Tony went home. Protagonist Antagonist Minor Characters -Johntez
-Tony -Marianafriedchicken
-Rishandala Wizzo
The Twerk Team
Rishandala, Wizzosteve and Marianafriedchicken were at Orlando’s partying it up because it was teen night. Marianafriedchicken was dancing with Rishandala’s man, Tony.
“What are you doing with my man!” said Rishandala. “I thought we were the twerk team and had each other’s backs.”
“Well I’m twerking, you never said we had to do it as a team, “said Marianafriedchicken.
In the background Tony was chanting, “Twerk! Twerk sumin guurrll!!” Then Wizzosteve stepped in trying to calm them both down.
Then Johntez stepped in and said, “Don’t interrupt them! Just TWERK, Wizzo!!!”
After long hours of twerking and arguing Wizzosteve decided to break off the fight and move the party to her house. “Okay guys cut the crap! It’s done! We’re going to my house,” said Wizzosteve.
We went to Wizzosteve’s house at the lake and invited some extra people. A little too much people because Tony and Johntez showed up unwanted. “Hey Tony, Johntez. Get out! We don’t want you hear you little peepee head OR I will eat your first born child!” said Wizzosteve.
“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Wizzosteve, what’s going on here?” said Wizzosteve’s sister H-diggity. “
“I’m just doing Hood rat stuff with my friends.”
“But I don’t want these two guys named Johntez and Tony.” said Wizzo. “Well okay I will take care of it!” replied H-Diggity. She threw the two boys out and they went home. The twerking party continued and they partied til morning.
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