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Virtual museum at school - 2010-2012

A Comenius Project of 3 schools from Greece, Italy and Turkey

Johanna Chardaloupa

on 25 August 2012

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Transcript of Virtual museum at school - 2010-2012

The project Partners But, unfortunately, not any more :-( ... ... last year (2010-2011) we had as partner a school from Spain /Galicia This project has the objective to create a virtual museum: every partner school collaborates to the preparation of the museum, planning and devising virtual spaces. "Research area" The virtual museum... ... at school! ... small A Comenius project: 2010-2012 Protypo Peiramatiko Sxoleio Panepistimiou Patron-Gymnasio Our Meetings :-)! The 2nd meeting was holed in A Coruna/Spain On our 1st meeting in Italy we finalized the outlines, schedule and research area of our project. October 2010 February 2011 May 2011 in Greece ;-) 8 students from Turkey and 8 teachers visited us! & http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p39078 The common subject for all the schools is “fashion and tradition in the past”. We analyze the use and the customs of the preroman populations by archaeological finds: every school take care of one section of the museum, making searches on archaeological finds of the own area. We have chosen common criteria in order to prepare the virtual rooms of the museum. Finally, we have organized (some areas are -for a spare of time- under construction) a virtual space in which it will expose the made searches using virtual panels, images or shapes. we welcomed them at our school Gaziantep :-) http://digilander.libero.it//dif_fab/index.htm And our final meeting took place in... ...Pescara/Italy! May, 2012 Italy Turkey Hellas Also... http://digilander.libero.it//dif_fab/index.htm And although every meeting was exceptional,
some "Italian plates" will always be remembered :-)! Dear friends, partners, colleagues,
thank you for the knowledge we exchanged / gained from each other and the experiences we shared!
:-) October 2011 eTwinning Project
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