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This Moment

No description

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of This Moment

A neighborhood.
At dusk.

Things are getting ready
to happen
out of sight.

Stars and moths.
And rinds slanting around fruit.

But not yet.

One tree is black.
One window is yellow as butter.

A woman leans down to catch a child
who has run into her arms
this moment.

Stars rise.
Moths flutter.
Apples sweeten in the dark.


but not yet
” -
A pause to stop and think about setting

One tree is black. One window is yell

as butter.

"This moment"
Specific mo
ent in her life

“A neighborhood. At dusk.”
A neighborhood, not my, your
Peaceful and quiet mood / symbolizes the events of the day

By Eavan Boland
This Moment
Original Poem
A quiet neighborhood in the evening, when
children are about to come home from playing in the street.
Outside, stars are about to show up and moths are about to come out.
Mothers are peeling fruits, preparing for supper.

But before this happens, i see a black tree through a yellow window. I see a woman, embracing her child, who has come home from playing. As it gets darker, children come home, moths come out, stars become visible. Families, such as the parents and their children, eat supper.

Background Information
: Eavan Boland :

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1944 and moved to London

married with two children

lived in a small house

everyday family life
“Things are getting ready to happen out of sight”
The stars are about to come out, but not yet visible.

“Stars and moths”
Things seen at night

“And rinds slanting around fruit”
Fruit=apple, it’s close to ripeness, won’t be peeled yet

A woman leans down to catch a child who has run into her arms this moment
Suddenly, there is movement;
sense of stillness in previous lines

“Stars rise. Moths flutter. Apples sweeten in the dark.”

Many images appeal to the sense of sight and taste.
"one window is as yellow as butter"
"rinds slanting around fruit"
"apples sweeten in the dark"
One window is yellow as butter
Very few words are used. The language is simple, consisting of short everyday words.
Detached and warm

The mood is warm and tender.
Mostly imagery more than music to create its effects.
"And rinds slanting around fruit."
Stars and moths
Family Life
The poem portrays family life, how mothers prepare for the supper and bedtime inside the houses and embrace their returning children.

A Particular Moment In Time
The poem shows a particular and precise moment of human behavior and light changes. Change occurs at moments such as the one the poet captures in this poem.

While children play outside, mothers prepare for bedtime, get supper ready. Then they go out to embrace their children and bring them into their homes. Mothers are warm and caring.
By Hayley Kim&Melody Loi
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